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From father to daughter

District: Veneto
Locations: Schiavon (VI)

The drama tells the story of Franza family from 1958 to the early eighties. The Franza is a Venetian family of peasants and then of grappa producers led by Father Giovanni. The man, arrogant and intractable, is played by Alessio Boni. Alongside Giovanni is Franca, the woman who married very young and not out of love played by Stefania Rocca. The other members of the family are Franza's children: Maria Teresa, the rebellious daughter played by Cristiana Capotondi, Helen and the twins Antonio and Sofia. This Venetian patriarchal family crosses through the costume's great changes of that period . They flow in the story the great events of history of women: the closure of brothels, divorce, feminism, seen in the dynamics of the conflicts and the family relationships. Through this story, the long process is rebuilt that led women to struggle to gain equality and civil rights. The three Sisters, the only son, his wife rebel differently against absolute authority of the father and husband. They walk away from the old core that kept them together, and that seems to fall apart, and then come back and try to rebuild it in a new way more fragile but more true. The Movietour contains the locations referring to the first episode. All other locations will be implemented in the coming weeks. We thank the Vicenza Film Commission for the materials which it provided us.

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