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Wanted extras for a film in the province of Teramo

Useful links: evoquearthouse@gmail.com
Expiration date: 15/04/2018
Contact person: evoquearthouse@gmail.com
E-mail: evoquearthouse@gmail.com

Address head office: Giulianova
Contact (mail or phone): evoquearthouse@gmail.com
District: Abruzzo
Province: Teramo (TE)

For the realization of the film entitled La Danza Nera and directed by the director Mauro John Capece, we look for extras. The casting will be held on April 15th, from 9am to 1pm in Giulianova, in the province of Teramo. The shooting of the film has actually started some time ago but now for some scenes to be shot in Giulianova the director looks for a lot of extras. This is an interesting film set in the seventies and whose release in cinemas is planned for approximately 2019. In the cast Corinna Coroneo, Flavio Sciolé, Giorgina Trasselli, Franco Nero, Daphne Scoccia, Adrien Liss, Michela Bruni. Those interested must [VIDEO] send their application to: evoquearthouse@gmail.com We remember him for the documentary Evoque-Reality Show, but also for La Scultura and SFashion. Capece, moreover, is a great expert in digital productions and has already won numerous awards both in Italy and abroad, also in relation to his really innovative way of 'making' cinema.

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