La sindrome di Antonio

Antonio’s syndrome

La sindrome di Antonio Antonio Soris is a "sessantottino" convinced, he likes Che Guevara and Plato. It has an underlying belief: to really understand the ideas you have to go to the places where they are been produced. In September of 1970, with little money in his pocket, from Rome goes to Athens. He is looking for the cave and the places that have inspired Plato. He arrives in Greece and there he meets the beautiful and lovely Maria. Antonio, who was kidnapped by the beauty of the girl and the charm of the place, leaves himself to the suggestion of a trip almost out of reality. The two boys build a relationship made of joy and feelings, of shared thoughts about life, of love and politics. Antonio's journey is marked by a series of meetings. In the background of the trip, the dream of the revolution, the liberation of morals and Greece of the colonels.

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