il fiume ha sempre ragione

Il fiume ha sempre ragione

Il fiume ha sempre ragione 7.7

The history and daily life of "two extraordinary craftsmen": Alberto Casiraghy and Josef Weiss. Alberto Casiraghy lives and works in Osnago. He's poet, writer, painter, even a little philosopher and founder of the publishing house Pulcinoelefante, located within his own home, where the books are only printed with movable type, with former lead press. Josef Weiss, born and raised on Lake Constance, is a graphic designer, restorer, publisher and printer, bookbinder Art in Mendrisio (Ticino, Switzerland), where in 1981 he opened his atelier Book & Art.
Year: 2016
Directors: Silvio Soldini
Actors: Alberto Casiraghy, Josef Weiss
Genre: Documentary
District: Lombardy
Province: Lecco (LC)
Locations: Osnago (LC)

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