The Girl by the Lake

La ragazza del lago Based on a novel written by Karin Fossum, the film is about the commisioner Giovanni Sanzio who is investigating the murder of a student hockey player, she was found dead and naked on the shores of the lakes of Fusine near Tarvisio, in Friuli Venezia Giulia. For his performance, Toni Servillo won the Pasinetti Award at the Venice Film Festival. The film won ten David di Donatello awards for Best film, Best director, Best new director, Best screenplay, Best producer, Best actor to Toni Servillo, Best cinematography, Best editing, Best Sound and Best special effects. In addition, the film won the Silver Ribbon for Best Screenplay, Best New Director and Best Actor to Toni Servillo and was awarded with the italian Golden Globe for Best First Feature and Best Screenplay

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