Suddendly Komir

All'improvviso Komir Gianni, a nightwatchman, comes home and finds Sandro, an old friend who just came out of prison after eight years of detention, who’s waiting for him on the stairs. Sandro offers him, in exchange of a substantial figure, to recover some money that he had hidden before getting arrested. Unfortunately something goes wrong. After giving him the established figure, Sandro asks about Antonio, once their partner in crime, and suggest to drop by and say hi to him. They find him at the restaurant with Helene, Sandro’s old flame, and now Antonio’s wife. Right away the disagreements surface. Sandro accuses Antonio to have betrayed him and sent him to jail. Later, Sandro and Gianni will find out that Antonio is involved in a children trade. After having reported him, Gianni accompanies Sandro at the station but, when they’re about to say goodbye, they find out that one of the children was hiding in the trunk of their car. Suddenly Gianni and Sandro find themselves in front of a situation that they would have never expected, taking care of a child that had appeared from nowhere. They come across situations that a parent has to deal with daily, situations that are very different from their world. Sandro and Gianni get caught up in the innocence of the little Komir and,, just after a short time, they grow fond of this little kid to the point of becoming unexpectedly responsible for his future.
Genre: Drama
District: Basilicata, Lombardy
Province: Milan (MI)
Locations: Milan (MI)

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