La pelle dell

The Bear Skin

La pelle dell'orso 6.6

The film is set in the fifties in a village in the Dolomites. Protagonists are Peter and his son Domenico. Peter is a loser, an outcast. His life is consumed in solitude and drowned in wine. Domenico is a cute little boy, but introverted. Between the two there is an uneasy relationship made up of silences, harshness and a growing estrangement. This situation is broken by an old and ferocious bear. Community members do not know what to do, they seem unable to react. In this climate Peter launches a challenge to his master Crepaz: he's going to kill the bear in exchange for money. Pietro goes hunting. Domenico follows him. They immerse themselves in the woods to research the bear. In this research they end up living together, perhaps for the first time, a shared experience and profound.
Year: 2016
Directors: Marco Segato
Actors: Marco Paolini, Leonardo Mason

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