From Treviso, scenery among the others of Pietro Germi's"Signore e Signori" and "Mercoledi delle Ceneri" with Elizabeth Taylor and Henry Fonda, passing by Villa Emo at Vedelago and Asolo, where John Malkovich and Lena Headey played in "Ripley's Game", and then continue to Villa di Maser, setting of "Amanti", without forgetting Asolo and Castelfranco for "Sognando l'Africa", to reach Grappa, Piave and Vittorio Veneto scenery of "In Love & War" with Sandra Bullck Hemingway's nurse. Or "Mogliamante" shot at Cison with Laura Antonelli and Marcello Mastgroianni, up to the Canoviana Plaster Cast Gallery.

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