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Tranquilli Transports

Tranquilli s.r.l. Movie Transport’s Society, the first company that works in the movie transports’ sector, national and international, is present …

SoundArt 23

SoundArt 23 is one of the most historic and important realities in the audiovisual post-production, dubbing and italian editions’ sector.

Cinema’s House

In Rome, in Villa Borghese Park, three movie houses and an outdoor theatre, bar and restaurant.

Arcipelago Film Festival

Established in 1992, it is a in progress project whose purpose is to search and recognize at an international level …

Ferroni Sisters Tailor’s Shop

The Ferroni Sisters tailor’s shop was born in 1911, during years it realized several kinds of costumes, majoring in historic …

Cinecittà Studios

The Cinecittà studios are a pivotal place for the Italian film and television industry. In Cinecittà were shot more than …

Rome Indipendent Film Festival

The Rome Independent Film Festival (RIFF) is Rome ‘s first independent and international film festival. Its aim is to unite …

Slow Costume

Workshop for the creation of costumes for the Theatre, Film and Television

Paglialunga Hairpiece

For years, reference point for great costumers, set designers and international known directors for hairpieces of every style, colour, dimension …