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An ambitious revival project for Cinecittà that returns under public management


District: Latium
Province: Rome (RM)
Date: 2017-07-04

An ambitious revival project for Cinecittà that returns under public management

CinecittàEighty years since the since its inauguration, celebrated on April 28, 1937, the State returned to play a prominent role in the revival of Cinecittà.

Just yesterday, after the approval of the Luce-Cinecittà Institute, the acquisition of the Cinecittà Studios branch was signed, which reports the historical complex of Via Tuscolana and its production activities under public management.

This is not a formal act, but the return to public management coincides with the presentation of a project of great awakening of the structure.

The central point of the project is the unification of the activities of Cinecittà Studios, more closely related to the management of theaters and the production of audiovisual works, with activities of general interest historically coordinated by the Luce-Cinecittà Institute, from support to classical and contemporary italian cinema to conservation and dissemination of the Great Historical Archive of the Luce Institute, support for the first and second operas, documentary production, timely online information and regular press information, MIAC Italian Cinema and Audiovisual Museum, Creative Europe Management Media Desk and the management of MiBACT Cinema Funds, making the new pole a point of reference for the entire audiovisual sector and a strategic tool for its development.

CinecittàA result that comes after the recognition of Rome as Creative City of Cinema by Unesco. This is the result of the active collaboration of public cinema with authors, entrepreneurs and important institutions in the industry. The aim is to involve the other large public cultural productive community in a short time: the RAI. It would be a natural partner to support production. With its Teche, along with the Archives of Luce Institute, it could be the largest audiovisual heritage a country can offer.

The implementation of the project is related to the new Cinema Act and to the positive trend of the sub-fund after years of recession. That is due in particular to instruments such as tax credit.

The qualification point of the plan is to safeguard the professionalities of Cinecittà, ones of the most appreciated and competent in the world.

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