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At Cinque Terre an “experience” of virtual reality

Cinque Terre

District: Liguria
Province: La Spezia (SP)
Date: 2018-04-20

At Cinque Terre an "experience" of virtual reality

"Cinque Terre", start here and today filming from the Canadian production company BMAD.

This is not a film or a documentary, but rather a virtual reality "experience" realized with sophisticated BMAD technologies.

BMAD is indeed one of the leaders in the field of virtual reality products and experiences.

A way for the viewer user all over the world to "immerse themselves" in the beautiful landscapes of the Cinque Terre.

A way to travel between villages, monasteries, cliffs and vineyards of this area classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Jean Berubé, is the creator and coordinator of the project and his team of 6 people will tour for seven days in the Cinque Terre with the assistance and collaboration of the Ente Parco and the Genoa-Liguria Film Commission.

During the first inspections, the project coordinator Jean Berubé met the Park's representatives.

"Cinque Terre" to "live"

It will be a great opportunity for this territory since the camera's eye will scrutinize not only the beautiful views, from above, of the vineyards, but will enter everyday life.

It will enter the cellars alive and will make the viewer aware of the delicate beauty of this territory.

Entering alive will mean somehow to be part of the labor of those who, fishermen and farmers, live in it, shape it and conserve it.

The squares of the villages will be taken back and the images of the churches will be a corollary to the "augmented reality" that characterizes the film.

The paths, especially the high and less frequented ones, will be scrutinized and admired and the presence of the troupe will give the opportunity to continue to maintain the network of trails in the best possible way.

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