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At the cinema, born in Casal di Principe

Nato a Casal di Principe

District: Campania
Province: Caserta (CE)
Locations: Casal di Principe (CE)
Date: 2018-04-25

At the cinema, born in Casal di Principe

Born in Casal di Principe, a film by Bruno Oliviero.

With Alessio Lapice, Massimiliano Gallo, Donatella Finocchiaro, Lucia Sardo, Paolo Marco Caterino, Luigi Credendino, Francesco Pellegrino.

Then again: Antonio Pennarella, Liliana Fiorelli, Antonella Stefanucci, Riccardo Veno, Loredana Simioli and Antonello Cossia.

A dramatic film that will be released at the cinemas on Wednesday 25 April 2018.


Born in Casal di Principe, from an autobiography

Based on the autobiographical novel written by Amedeo Letizia (here executive producer) with Paola Zanuttini, Bruno Oliviero tells the B side of Gomorra.

It is a question of telling the whole story of the victims.

Many scenes in which the protagonist observes in secret the brutality of the Casalesi clan hidden behind walls and bushes, that is behind the scenes of the spectacular action.

Born in Casal di Principe, he tells the story of a permanent hostage community, in turn kidnapped by normality.

A community relegated to a fiction that trains its young people to "make faces" (like Amedeo in front of the cameras of the auditions with which the film opens) to hide their malaise.

Born in Casal di Principe, synopsis

Senza titolo-1

Rome, 1989. Amedeo Letizia is starting her career as an actor, when the native Casal di Principe reaches him the news that his brother Paolo has been kidnapped.

Amedeo, does not resign himself to not knowing exactly what happened to his brother.

 A research that is an exercise in frustration both for him and for the spectator, as he continually clashes against the rubber wall of omerta and the misdirections.

The nightmare dimension of Letizia's story.

The portrait of a sorrowful humanity that includes a mother (Donatella Finocchiaro), fearful of God but ready to ask for help from the local saint and a father (Massimiliano Gallo) used to bringing too much "pacienza".

However, the absolute protagonist is Casal di Principe, a place where "the air is not bbona" because burdened by that toxic cloud in which the mafia infiltrations are lethal.

Especially for those who have lived there for generations and have seen their country transformed into a Far West without rules, except those of systematic abuse and the corresponding silent submission.

Amedeo tries to free himself from his life creating a parallel existence "in the north", but is reabsorbed by the culture of violence in which he grew up ...

... Because if you were born in Casal di Principe you have very little chance to forget it forever !!!



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