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Beppe Fiorello in Ragusa for “Chiedilo al mare”


District: Sicily
Province: Ragusa (RG)
Locations: Ragusa (RG)
Date: 2016-06-30

Beppe Fiorello in Ragusa for "Chiedilo al mare"

Beppe Fiorello is ending the shots in Ragusa for his last movie "Chiedilo al mare" that tells about one of the emigrants' massacres in the Mediterranean Sea. A dramatic movie, produced by Ibla Film and Picomedia that will try to shed light on the 283 ghost deaths of Portopalo that 20 years ago, in the middle of the usual crossing from Libia to Sicily, on a pontoon drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. The shipwreck hapopened in 1996 Santo Stefano's night. The tragedy wasn't registered by the authorities. Just in 2001, thanks to an inquiry by the journalist Giovanni Maria Bellu, the facts came to the light.

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