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  • Blessed ignorance: the comedy about the web starring Gassmann and Giallini

Blessed ignorance: the comedy about the web starring Gassmann and Giallini

Beata ignoranza

District: Latium
Province: Rome (RM)
Date: 2017-02-23

Blessed ignorance: the comedy about the web starring Gassmann and Giallini

Beata ignoranza

From today in cinemas Blessed Ignorance by Massimiliano Bruno starring Alessandro Gassmann and Marco Giallini.

The director of Nobody Can Judge Me and The last will be the last returns to the cinema with a funny comedy.

The director explains, "In the film I wanted to deal lightly a very current topic. The relationship between reality and the virtual web world. Starting from a critical question. We belong to the category of those who are always connected or of those disconnected? "


Beata ignoranza

Ernesto (Marco Giallini) and Filippo (Alessandro Gassmann) have two personalities antipodes and a single point in common: they are both secondary school teachers.

Filippo is a cheerful progressive perpetually connected to the web. Beautiful and carefree, he is a serial seducer on social networks. He can also seduce his students. Thanks to an app, created by him, which makes instant solution of any possible calculation. Ernesto is a strict conservative, strictly no computers,  traditionalist even with his students. It makes its austerity a point of honor and has a life completely outside the network. It is probably the last living holder of a Nokia '95.

Once they were "best friends" but a deep confrontation and ever solved kept them away. Until the day in which find themselves fatally to teach in the same class.

Their opposing views inevitably lead them to a new war. They will be forced to face the past, which will return in the guise of Nina, a girl who will submit them to a simple experiment that turns into a big challenge: Filippo will try to get out of the network and Ernesto to get into it. This trip will change them deeply, forcing them to find a balance, more and more rare and delicate today, between the global consciousness of those who rely on the network and the total indifference of those who stubbornly resist to the bitter end the digital age.


Beata ignoranza

Protagonists of the film Marco Giallini and Alessandro Gassmann, the new pair of Italian cinema.

Before Blessed ignorance the two actors have starred together in All the fault of Freud (2014) by Paolo Genovese and God willing (2015) by Edoardo Falcone.

Recently, though separately, they have starred in the role of two policemen definitely a bit abnormal, but that have been both a great success. Giallini played the assistant chief Rocco Schiavone and Gassmann Inspector Giuseppe Lojacono in fiction Bastards of Pizzofalcone.

Tells the director, in an interview with Messenger TV, "The two actors are very different but equally generous. Gassmann is more regular, comes from the theater, takes notes on the text. Giallini finds his strength in the immediacy  to give a great truth to his characters. Appear complementary, they have become friends and together they strike sparks on the screen ".

Also co-starring Valeria Bilello, Carolina Crescentini and Teresa Romagnoli.


Story and screenplay by Massimiliano Bruno, Herbert Simone Paragnani and Gianni Corsi.

Photography by Alessandro Pesci. Editing by Consuelo Catucci.

Original Music by Maurizio Filardo. Set Designer: Sonia Peng. Costume Designer Alberto Moretti.

Pproduction coordinator: Luciano Lucchi. Delegate producer: Giulio Steve.

Produced by Fulvio and Federica Lucisano. Produced by Italian International Film in collaboration with Rai Cinema.


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