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Bollywood in the ancient village of the Doria


District: Liguria
Province: Imperia (IM)
Locations: Dolceacqua (IM)
Date: 2017-12-09

Bollywood in the ancient village of the Doria

Bollywood, will soon land in Dolceacqua.



In fact, a major Indian film producer, Ravinder Jeet Dariya, has recently visited the village of Doria. He wants to shoot his own film in this village of Val Nervia. Filming is announced for next spring.

The Indian producer was very impressed by the historical center, the castle, the monuments and the whole territory of the hinterland. He has already announced a visit in late January, in which he will be accompanied by the director and some technicians, to carry out an operational inspection. Inspection, aimed at establishing some details of production and also to define the organizational and economic agreements in the area.

Ravinder Jeet Dariya has known Dolceacqua thanks to some Greeks, personal friends of the mayor Fulvio Gazzola, who live not far from Mount Olympus, where in these weeks a Bollywood film is shot.


The mayor Gazzola says that these productions, moving troupe of a hundred people, involve the entire economic sector bringing significant benefits to the territory.

The shooting, in fact, would last for several weeks and the induced, not only for Dolceacqua but for the whole Val Nervia and in general the extreme West, it could be important.



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