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Class Z: a film about the school with the eyes of teens

Classe Z

District: Latium
Province: Rome (RM)
Date: 2017-04-05

Class Z: a film about the school with the eyes of teens

Classe Z

It is in cinemas the new film by Guido Chiesa Class Z. A production Colorado Film in collaboration with Medusa Film distributed by Medusa distribution.

A film about the school, but certainly original. That speaks openly the language of the boys, tries to ask from their point of view.

No coincidence that the film was made in collaboration with the web portal ScuolaZoo, which for a decade dialogues with hundreds of thousands of students. That allowed us to have a privileged observatory on the issues, the problems, the critical issues that are closest to the heart of Italians students.

He wrote the director in a letter published in La Stampa on March 26: "My will not be a young-looking film, let alone sociological or moralist. It tells a fictional story, but plausible, and tries to use the "contaminated" language which teens use. We have to overcome stereotypes on young people, and aim first and foremost to the credibility of the feelings of the boys ".

And yet "It is the new challenge of Italian cinema: to try to be heard from guys who see with a  sacrosanct distrust the adult world that too often judges them and categorizes them, without really looking at them in the face. At the end of the story of my new film "Class Z" everyone learns and everyone grow. A process that our cinema is called today to walk (even making them laugh, why not?) If you do not want to miss generations of teens becoming less frequent it. "


Classe Z

It is the first day of the year of maturity for a group of students from a high school science. A new school, some students have been moved from their respective classes in section H newborn, newly created for them. Apparently due to the overcrowding of classes.

The shift does not disturb much the teens.

For boys, life in the new section is a godsend. Their professors, all young, they try not even to get them to study and so students have plenty of time to devote to their non-academic interests: video, fashion, jokes, etc.

The only professor apparently determined to make something good from this "losers" group is the young substitute teacher of Italian, Marco Andreoli (Andrea Pisani), haunted by the figure of Professor Keating in Dead Poets Society. But he must confront the indifference of the students, who target him for jokes and laugh at him for his idealism.

Classe Z

At mid-year, Andreoli, after yet another joke against him, reveals to the boys that the story of the overcrowding is a lie. The truth is that the Headmaster (Alessandro Preziosi) has decided to do an experiment in order to determine whether, taking away from our respective classes, the performance of other students would be improved. Putting them in a class "ghetto", he could keep them under control.

The boys at the beginning do not give weight to his words, but little by little they realize that he told the truth: all consider them disposable bottles, and tricks to copy, with which they dealt with in previous years, can not let them take sufficiency. We just have to study! The only solution is to get help. But by whom? The only one who cared about their fate, prof. Andreoli. They will have to do with a very bad exam Commissioner (Antonio Catania). Will they gain maturity?


Classe Z

Andrea Pisani, Greta Menchi, Enrico Oetiker, Alice Pagani, Luca Filippi, Armando Quaranta, Francesco Russo, David Zheng, Johnny Zheng, Il Pancio, Roberto Lipari e con Antonio Catania e Alessandro Preziosi




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