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Fellini’s Casanova is 40 years old

Casanova di Federico Fellini

District: Veneto
Province: Venezia (VE)
Date: 2016-12-07

The Federico Fellini's Casanova is 40 years old

On December 7, 1976 came out in theaters the film Casanova di Federico Fellini.

Casanova di Federico Fellini

One of the best films of Federico Fellini, the most important among those dedicated to the figure of Casanova.

The film is based on "Histoire de ma vie" of Casanova and The story of my escape from prison. Many steps are shown as they are in autobiographical tales of Casanova. The film respects the spirit and the historical data, naturally with what this can mean for a director like Fellini

Lead Actor

Giacomo Casanova is played by Donald Sutherland. The choice of the protagonist was made after much research, candidatures, other hypotheses suggested by the production.

"(...) I chose Donald Sutherland, an actor from the cleared face, vague, water, that brings to mind Venice. With those eyes Celestine Baby, Sutherland expresses well the idea of a Casanova unable to recognize the value of things, and that exists only in the images of himself reflected in the various circumstances "(Federico Fellini)

But the actor's face has been redone entirely. So that resembles as closely as possible to the famous portrait of the real Casanova. A drawing of profile of his face done in pencil, made by his brother Francesco, that remains the most reliable portrait of Casanova.

Donald Sutherland was voiced by Gigi Proietti.


Casanova di Federico Fellini

The Screenplay is by Federico Fellini, Bernardino Zapponi, Andrea Zanotto. The Photography by Joseph Rotunno; Assembly by Ruggero Mastroianni; Special effects by Hadrian Pischiutta; Music by Nino Rota; Set design by Danilo Donati, Rinaldo Geleng, Giuliano Geleng, Mario Fallani, Roland Topor, Federico Fellini, John Gianese; Costumes by Danilo Donati's ; Make-up by Rino Carboni.

Among others actors Tina Aumont, Maria Marquez, Olimpia Carlisi, Carmen Scarpitta, Cicely Browne, Chesty Morgan, Leda Lojodice, Sandy Allen.


 "Circular and consistent, despite the rhapsodic structure, wise balance between horrible and tender, fabulous and ironic, is perhaps the most compact and significant result of Fellini in the second part of his itinerary" (Morandini)

"One of the best ever Fellini .....: funeral, imaginative, dense as a wise but mocking and enjoyable, an abstract film and informal about no life. A mechanical ballet, frenetic and aimless, a museum of electrified waxes; the director reads Casanova's life as a symbol "of the dramatic, exuberant inertia with which we today let life go" (Mereghetti)


Casanova di Federico Fellini

The film was shot entirely inside Cinecittà. There were recreated the atmosphere and the lights of the eighteenth century.

The production of the film was quite bumpy.

Prior to the problems related to production companies. The film had originally to be shot by Dino De Laurentiis. Then it passed to Cineriz of Angelo Rizzoli. Finally to the PEA - European Productions Alberto Grimaldi Associate.

Then for a mysterious theft, which took place around August 1975. Much of the material already filmed it was stolen from the factories Technicolor Cinecittà, along with pizzas of Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom by Pier Paolo Pasolini and of A Genius, Two Friends, and an chicken by Damiano Damiani. The matter was resolved only in May 1976, when almost all of the material was found at Cinecittà.

Finally, for a quarrel between the production company and director on costs, which also had some legal aftermath.


Casanova di Federico Fellini

1977 - Oscar Award

Best Costume Design to Danilo Donati; Nomination for Best Screenplay to Federico Fellini and Bernardino Zapponi

1977 - David of Donatello

Best Original Score to Nino Rota

1977 - Silver Ribbon

Best Art Direction to Danilo Donati; Best Costume Design to Danilo Donati; Nomination for Best Screenplay to Federico Fellini and Bernardino Zapponi

1978 - British Academy Film Awards

Best Art Direction to Danilo Donati and Federico Fellini; Best Costume Design to Danilo Donati; Nomination for Best Cinematography at Giuseppe Rotunno



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