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“From Bowie to Bowie”: in Ravenna


District: Emilia Romagna
Province: Ravenna (RA)
Locations: Ravenna (RA)
Date: 2018-01-07

"From Bowie to Bowie": in Ravenna

From Bowie to Bowie: in Ravenna an event dedicated to the texts, films and concerts of the artist.

On January 7th from 4pm at the Magazzeno Art Gallery


"From Bowie to Bowie" is an event born from the passion of Alessandra Carini for David Bowie and that takes place every year to remember, pay homage and celebrate the great artist.

On Sunday 7 January, from 4 pm to midnight, at the Magazzeno Art Gallery in Ravenna, an initiative will be held with the collaboration of Maurizio Principato, music journalist and DJ of Radio Popolare.

Focusing all on the artist's figure, during which he will be able to listen to his pieces, read his lyrics and watch his films, concerts and interviews.


From 16:00 to 19:00: Workshop "Style and vision: inside the songs of Bowie". The workshop, lasting three hours, was conceived and will be conducted by Maurizio Principato, who, starting from Bowie's texts and his life, will try to identify and narrate the elements that, over time, have characterized the multifaceted and all-encompassing style of his songs.

Finally, you will hear six songs extrapolated from the repertoire of the artist and then we will proceed to the analysis / explanation of texts, music, arrangements and hidden secrets.

The six selected songs are:

1) Life on Mars ?;

2) Aladdin Sane;

3) Station To Station;

4) "Heroes";

5) Ashes to Ashes;

6) The Next Day.

In the last sessions of the workshop each participant will perform a simple individual exercise based on what was heard during the previous three hours.

Cost: 25 euros per person.

From 19:00 to 23:59:

- dj-set by Maurizio Principato and projections organized by MAG;

- BowieBox: a place where you can tell a camera who is or who was or who will be David Bowie;

- food & beverage.

Finally at 24 o'clock a toast will be held for the birthday of the artist, who would have turned 71 years old. Throughout the day it will be possible to admire the artist Luca Barberini who will mosaic the portrait of Bowie live. Also you can buy t-shirts, bags and pins depicting the unpublished drawing of the famous cartoonist Stefano Babini, symbolic image of the event.

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