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  • From today in theaters Naples ’44 by Francesco Patierno from book by Norman Lewis

From today in theaters Naples ’44 by Francesco Patierno from book by Norman Lewis

Naples '44

District: Campania
Province: Naples (NA)
Date: 2016-12-15

From today in theaters Naples '44 by Francesco Patierno from book by Norman Lewis

Naples '44

Today in theaters Naples '44.

A important "film" that returns so superb the atmosphere of Naples '44, during the American occupation.

The film premiered at the Rome Film Festival and from next February will air on Sky Cinema.

Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis was a British writer who died in 2003. He is known in particular for his travel accounts and his war memories. Graham Greene considers him among the greatest English writers of the twentieth century.

Among his books Naples '44. The book was published in 1978, but it is based on his notebooks of young officer who came to Naples in '43 in the wake of the US Fifth Army.

Lewis dramatically describes the Naples of that period. He viewed Naples in its everyday dimension, made of tragedies and of a set of incredible and fanciful adventures of people to survive.

The great humanity and sense of participation of the writer trigger an empathy that allows him to immerse himself in the life of the city.

Francesco Patierno says "Naples '44 is the most beautiful book written about the city ......... ..A day my father told me he had survived a bombing only because he was on the right side of the road. And then he added: if you want to understand those times, you have to read Naples '44 ......... Norman Lewis was able to tell the nuances (of the city) that no Neapolitan has been able to tell "

The Movie

Naples '44

Says Antonio Monda, artistic director of the Rome Film Festival: "Naples '44 is not a documentary, it's not a movie, but it is cinema. I would not know how to define it, but I love it. "

It is definitely a film product of great value and extraordinary emotional impact.

Technically Patierno realizes a film assembly.

With stock image, from Luce Institut to British Pathé, the National Archive in New York at the American Nara until the Historical Archive of Naples resistance.

With many film clips: Paisa Rossellini, The Skin Liliana Cavani, Napoli Millionaire, O sole mio, The 4 days of Naples, The Miracle of San Gennaro, The King of Poggioreale.

But the pictures are totally re-contextualized. For this the director uses experiments of image manipulation in advertising already practiced in the previous War of volcanoes.

The music is by Andrea Guerra. The narrator in the original version is British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, in that Italian is Adriano Giannini.

The film was produced by Dazzle Communication and Rai Cinema in collaboration with In Between Art and Film Institute Luce.



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