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  • Good debut for The red door, fiction between noir and the supernatural, shot in Trieste

Good debut for The red door, fiction between noir and the supernatural, shot in Trieste

La porta rossa

District: Friuli Venezia Giulia
Province: Trieste (TS)
Date: 2017-02-23

Good debut for The red door, fiction between noir and the supernatural, shot in Trieste

La porta rossa

There was waiting for The red door, the fiction between noir and the supernatural, shot in the beautiful Trieste.

The expectations were not disappointed. The new fiction of RAI 2, which aired yesterday, won the television evening of 22 February 2017. With well 3,284,000 viewers and 13% share.

The drama, directed by Carmine Elia, was conceived by Carlo Lucarelli and Giampiero Rigosi.

Carlo Lucarelli, multifaceted intellectual, is definitely one of the best-known Italian noir writers. He is the author of the series of novels starring Inspector Grazia Negro and the series with Inspector Coliandro.

Giampiero Rigosi, Italian writer and screenwriter, collaborated with Lucarelli already in the TV series Inspector Coliandro.


La porta rossa

The Commissioner of Police of Trieste Leonardo Cagliostro is tipped off. It is revealed where is the Mexican, a dangerous drug dealer. In fact, he manages the trafficking of the Red Ghost, a dangerous drug that has been introduced into the market claiming many victims.

The magistrate Antonio Piras, who knows the methods of the Commissioner, shall not grant authorization for the Mexican capture. Colleagues also, the assistant chief Rambelli and the magistrate Anna Mayer, his wife, from whom the Commissioner is being separated, try to dissuade Cagliostro.

He, however, decided to do his own thing and go anyway. But what you feared, it happens: a person surprises him behind while he is stopping the Mexican and kills him.

But Cagliostro does not cross the red door that would take him away from this life. On the threshold he sees in fact a near future in which Anna is threatened by his own murderess.

He can not pass through that door, he can not abandon Anna, must save her. For this you need to find out who is his murderess and stop him before it's too late.

But how he will can interfere in the world of the living since he is dead and can not act materially?

The solution is Vanessa, a girl who turns out to be a medium. Only Vanessa can see and hear him. The meeting between Cagliostro and Valentina is shocking, but at the same time intense and deep.


La porta rossa

Lino Guanciale plays the protagonist Leonardo Cagliostro. Guanciale is definitely one of the Italian actors of the moment. In the TV he has played in recent years a considerable number of roles. Among others, has starred in Una grande famiglia, La dama velata, Il sistema, Non dirlo al mio capo, L'allieva.

Gabriella Pession plays the magistrate Anna Mayer, wife of Cagliostro Commissioner. The Pession is one of the actresses best known and loved by the Italian public. She has starred in numerous feature films, he worked with Leonardo Pieraccioni, Lina Wertmuller, Carlo Verdone, Luca Lucini, etc.). Performer of hit series such as L'orgoglio, Capri, Il Capitano, has also worked internationally (Crossing lines).

The young Valentina Romani plays Vanessa, the medium girl. She made her film debut in 2016 with the film Un bacio, directed by Ivan Cotroneo. Already she boasts several appearances in television dramas.

Also co-starring Antonio Gerardi, Fausto Sciarappa, Elena Radonicich, Ettore Bassi, Gaetano Bruno, Cecilia Dazzi and Alessia Barela.


La porta rossa

The TV movie is set and filmed in Trieste. Shot mostly at night, it help to create a very special and elusive atmosphere. Trieste, said Carlo Lucarelli, "was a real character in the plot."



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