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  • In Leghorn from 22 to 25 April, the sixth edition of the FIPILI Horror Festival

In Leghorn from 22 to 25 April, the sixth edition of the FIPILI Horror Festival

Horror Festival

District: Tuscany
Province: Leghorn (LI)
Date: 2017-04-21

In Leghorn from 22 to 25 April, the sixth edition of the FIPILI Horror Festival

Horror Festival

For the traditional weekend with the cinema this time we propose something not quite quiet, but surely original and interesting.

A weekend, or rather a bridge, from 22 to 25 April 2017, in Leghorn for the VI edition of the FIPILI Horror Festival.

In fact, these days, the Tuscan city will welcome filmmakers, artists, writers united by passion for the world of fear and fantasy. In the 4 days of the festival, events, screenings, national previews, exclusive interviews, literary encounters will be held, all aimed at investigating a theme - that of fear - and being able to declare it in the manifold forms this sentiment evokes in the spectator and in contemporary society.

The competitions

The FIPILI Horror Festival has always been distinguished for the research and promotion of young talents to be rewarded and valued through video and literary competitions. The video contest is made up of the horror / thriller section and the science fiction section. There will be a public prize called Vincent Dawn Prize (in honor of Bruno Mattei) and a prize relating to international shorts. The literary competition - called "The fear makes 90 lines" - will award the best short story and best poetry.

Horror Festival

The Italian way to the thriller

Research and rediscovery of past films has always been one of the prerogatives of the FIPILI Horror Festival. In this sixth edition, historical figures of the Italian cinematic landscape such as Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Ruggero Deodato, Antonio Bido will be celebrated. To Dario Argento will be dedicated the opening night at Cinema La Gran Guardia by the historic magazine Nocturno and CG Entertainment. Lucio Fulci will be awarded with two exhibitions that will be inaugurated on the first day of the festival and with a conversation between Fabio Frizzi - composer of many soundtracks for Fulci - and Federico Frusciante, followed by the screening of Seven Notes in Black.Director Antonio Bido will present his thriller in 1978 Only black, thriller set in the Venetian lagoon with Stefania Casini and Lino Capolicchio. A long-time friend of the festival, Ruggero Deodato, will bring Livorno his last effort, the thriller Ballad in Blood inspired remotely to the affair of Meredith Kercher's murder. Sergio Stivaletti will instead hold his special workshop on effects and makeup.

Not just horror

In the sixth edition of the festival, the spectator will find himself thinking about fear even with the vision of a documentary by Antonio Rezza and Flavia Mastrella as Milan, Via Padova, a docufilm that tells the paradox of racism in a big city where the average citizen pacifically lives with a Muslim neighbor, while at the same time fears the arrival of a foreigner in our country. If the duo Rezza - Mastrella entrusts a documentary to tell the feeling of fear for the other, livornese Edoardo Gabbriellini, director and actor who has become famous for his leading role in Ovosodo, with his host speaks to the spectator of another type of fear, that domestic and private. A surprise presence of the festival will be that of Maurizio Nichetti, who has always been above the lines, out of easy patterns or labels, who will surely be able to investigate other aspects related to the fears of the contemporary world.

Horror Festival

Young people

A film festival must be able to keep its own well-balanced rudder between present and future. After having talked to the many young people who are taking part in the competitions, FIPILI Horror Festival will be featured by Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro, directors of Mine, the revelation film in the last autumn. The two will hold a cinematographic workshop on April 24th. In addition, two unpublished works by young filmmakers Daniele Misischia and Alessio Nencioni will be screened.

Literature and publishing

From this year, the FIPILI Horror Festival has collaborated with the historic Italian magazine FilmTV. During the days of the festival, the editor Claudio Bartolini - former collaborator for Nocturno and director of the cinema series Bietti Heterotopia - will talk about an autobiography of Nichetti, about his journalistic experience and will introduce exclusive projection of Francesca by Onetti. An important presence will be that of the English writer-psychiatrist, Tim Willocks, who at the New Comedy Theater will present a masterclass titled The ultimate purpose of writing is the creation of fear, while an atypical reflection on the comic will be given by the philosopher Giulio Giorello with Fabio Canessa, will tell about the relationship between Tex Willer and the fear.

The thriller and horror on paper will be investigated and discussed together with Francesca Bertuzzi and Franco Trentalance-Marco Limberti who will present their Park Guardian.

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