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In Naples, with my perfect man

Il mio uomo perfetto

District: Campania
Province: Naples (NA)
Locations: Naples (NA)
Date: 2018-03-15

In Naples, with my perfect man

My perfect man, March 15, 2018 in all Italian cinemas is released a film all "made in Naples": "My perfect man".


Cast and production


The film features the Neapolitan singer and actress Nancy Coppola, and the actors Eva Grimaldi, Francesco Testi and Antonio Palmese.

In the cast also Andrea Roncato, Nadia Rinaldi, Claudia Letizia, Lucia Bramieri, Malena, Maria Del Monte, Mariano Catanzaro, Antonio Fiorillo.

The film was produced by Evo Films, a neophyte film production company founded by Nancy Coppola herself and the director of the film Nilo Sciarrone.

A story written by Giuliana Boni.

Synopsis. Is there a perfect man?

Nancy Coppola il mio uomo perfetto

The main protagonist is Antonietta (Nancy Coppola), 29 years old, from Naples, barista, dreamer, creative and, above all, single; a beautiful and ambitious Neapolitan girl who dreams of meeting the perfect man.

Every day, he examines the behavior of the men who go to sip a coffee or have a quick meal at the bar where he works.

Among these the dott. Stralti, a brilliant manager of a company whose offices are located near the bar, and Federico, a young worker fascinated by the beautiful bartender.

In this research he is joined by: the best friend, as well as a "counter" companion, Mariano; from her best friend, Patrizia; and, of course, from his parents (Neapolitan true father, veronese doc his mother).

A romantic, funny and optimistic tale that touches on issues such as homosexuality, the redemption of the role of women, and all the nuances of love.

A "love budget" movie

For this "My perfect man" is a film made with love ("love budget"): the constant of the long journey that led to its realization was the desire to try.

The desire to realize a dream that, all those who worked on the realization of the feature film, we had been chasing for a long time.

The story of Antonietta is nothing but the metaphor of the history of all those who believed in this project, or a group of young dreamers passionate about their work.


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