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In Sicily here is the latest footage of the film Yabo


District: Sicily
Province: Agrigento (AG)
Locations: Raffadali (AG)
Date: 2018-04-13

In Sicily here is the latest footage of the film Yabo

Yabo, last shots for the film by the director Vito Oliva.

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Cast and production

The film produced by the CinemArt Social Academy, whose headquarters is located in Raffadali.

In addition, the film is looking for some missing figures in the cast to complete the shoot and kick off the film's editing.

The director is by Vito Oliva and Carmen Basile who also takes care of the photography, both of whom wrote the screenplay together with Fabio Schilingi.

The music is by Maestro Filippo Ragusa, while part of the sets were made thanks to the works of the artist Gerlando Meli.


The protagonist of the story is Marco, played by Michele Caffarella, who has already taken part in several films.

Among the main actors of the film there are: Alfonso Chiarenza, Vito Oliva, Miriam Bonaccorso, Anna Teresi, Francesco Caffarella, Giulia Pennisi, Gero Gulino, Nicolò Bruno.

Then again: Giacomo Buscemi, Luigi Lombardo, Sergio Messina, Viola Oliva, Roberta Arnone, Gerlando Meli and Maria Casalicchio.

And finally, Concetta Collura, Vincenzo Sciara, Salvatore D'Agostino, Salvatore Vaccaro, Angela Battaglia and Luisa Di Scanno.



The Trailer has already been screened at the Taormina film festival and will also participate in the Formia festival and other film festivals.

In these days both in Sicily and in Rome will be made of the casting to find, in fact, the missing characters.

The film is set in a disabled community that includes several guys who find their livelihood thanks to the sale of flowers.

This is how the different stories of the boys intertwine with their problems, their hardships, their difficulties and their existential malaise.

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