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James Bond in Quantum of Solace: all-Italian the thrilling beginning

Quantum of Solace

District: Lombardy
Province: Brescia (BS)
Date: 2017-01-17

James Bond in Quantum of Solace: all-Italian the thrilling beginning 

Quantum of solace

Tonight on TV on Rai 4 at 21:07 airs the spectacular film Quantum of Solace.

It is the 22nd film in the James Bond series. The secret agent is played by Daniel Craig, who for the second time resumes the role of Agent 007.

It is the sequel to the film Casino Royale (2006). It was released simultaneously in theaters in the world on November 7, 2008.

Definitely do not miss the breathtaking scenes. Beginning with the opening of the film. The beauty is that these initial scenes are set in all locations of our country.

Quantum of solace

The frantic initial chase occurs along Lake Garda.

Then the scene moves and chase continues in a completely different context.

Quantum of Solace

Although in the film there is no interruption in reality we are at more than 200 kilometers to the South. We are in the marble quarries of Carrara in the Apuan Alps of Tuscany. In particular we are in the Canalgrande and Fantiscritti quarries. Here is another particularly spectacular scene of the film.

After he has got rid of  pursuers, Bond goes towards Siena.

Here they are shot others unforgettable scenes. Particularly that of the chase on the roofs of the old town.

Thrilling even the scenes that they see James Bond get out of the city directly from the Fonte Gaia in Piazza del Campo during the Palio. They had to recreate the moments of the Siena Palio. For this was spread across Piazza del Campo tuff or Siena earth, as is done for the historical pageant and was attended by over 1000 extras to represent the viewers of Palio.

After this beginning all set in Italy some other episode in our country during the movie.

Especially when Bond must turn to his old friend Rene Mathis, played by Giancarlo Giannini. Bond travels to Talamone, a fraction of the Municipality of Orbetello in the province of Grosseto. The house of Mathis is the Tower of Talamonaccio. It is a restored medieval tower located along the coast, a few kilometers east of Talamone itself. In this sequence plays even Lucrezia Lante della Rovere in the part of Gemma.


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