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  • La Pellicola d’Oro Award Ceremony: a prize for enhancing cinema crafts

La Pellicola d’Oro Award Ceremony: a prize for enhancing cinema crafts

La Pellicola d'Oro

District: Latium
Province: Rome (RM)
Date: 2017-04-21

La Pellicola d'Oro Award Ceremony: a prize for enhancing cinema crafts

La Pellicola d'Oro

It was held last night at Teatro Italia - Via Bari, 18 in Rome, the award ceremony of the VII edition of La Pellicola d'Oro. The event was promoted and organized by the Cultural Association Article 9 Culture and Entertainment and by Sas Cinema, whose president is production designer and director Enzo De Camillis, from whom the idea of setting up this prestigious award was born.

La Pellicola d'Oro stands out in the crowed outline of movie awards. Indeed, the recognition aims to bring to the fore those cinema crafts whose role is crucial to the realization of a film, but who are at the same time virtually unknown or incorrectly evaluated by the audience who haunt the cinemas or watch the movies on television channels.

The awards ceremony was conducted by actresses Edy Angelillo and Ketty Roselli.

The Winners

La Pellicola d'Oro

The winners of the 7th edition of La Pellicola d'Oro were fourteen, voted by 150 experts, divided into the various categories.

Best Production Manager: Marta Razzano (The Stuff of Dreams)

Best Movie Camera Operator: Gianmaria Majorana (Fast as the wind)

Best Head Electrician: Fabio Scepi (The Crazy Joy)

Best Head Movie Camera Operator: Cesare Emidi (Summer on him)

Best Scene Property Master: Riccardo Passanisi (No Religion)

Best Stuntman: Emiliano Novelli (The Crazy Joy - In war for love)

Best Scene Dressmaker: Patrizia Martella (The Crazy Joy)

Best Special Effects Engineer: Silvano Scasseddu (Ustica)

Best Cinematographic Tailoring: Annamode 68 (The Machination - An almost perfect country)

Best Producer: Vittorio Imperia (In War for Love)

Best Story Board Artist: Francesco Grant (The Stuff of Dreams)

Best Sound Effects Creator: Studio 16 Sound (The Crazy Joy)

Best Actor: Ennio Fantastichini (Coffee) and Stefano Accorsi (Fast as the Wind)

Best Actress: Micaela Ramazzotti (The Crazy Joy)

Among the various prestigious awards that were delivered, those to Career. This year they are been awarded Giuliano Montaldo, President of the Academy of the Italian Cinema - David Di Donatello Awards, Francesco Avenia and Fabrizio Gallo for the forty years of activity of the REC, Rita Forzano actress and director of the casting director and finally Roberto Perpignani, film editor, President FIDAC (Italian Federation of Television and Television Associations) winner of four David of Donatello.


La Pellicola d'Oro

This year's new interesting the new App for Android and IOS "Vote and win an evening with your favorite actor" in collaboration with MY APPO.

Since last year, La Pellicola d’Oro has crossed our borders with two important appointments in Lisbon (Portugal) and Sofia (Bulgaria) where the first edition of the Cinematographic Award was held.

La Pellicola d'oro includes significant institutional patronage, including the MIBACT, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Academy of the Italian Cinema (David di Donatello), the Lazio Region, the City of Rome, ANAC and major private sponsors as BNL Group BNP Paribas, REC, Panalight, FITEL.

During the evening there is been the performance of the Navy's Music Band that has played soundtracks of important films such as "Down the Head", "The Postman", "Official and Gentlemen", "The Gattopardo", "Once Upon a Time America".

Among the other guests were Riccardo Milani, Saverio Vallone, George Hilton, Blasco Giurato, Michelle Carpente, Benedetta Valanzano, Francesca Romana De Martini, actress and director Emanuela Mascherini.

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