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  • Montalbano 2019 … at the start of the new shoot !!!

Montalbano 2019 … at the start of the new shoot !!!

Montalbano 2019

District: Sicily
Province: Agrigento (AG)
Locations: Messina (ME)
Date: 2018-02-22

Montalbano 2019 ... at the start of the new shoot !!!

Montalbano 2019, following the great success of the two TV movies of the Commissario Montalbano aired on 12 and 19 February 2018.


For this reason, the production company Palomar and Rai Fiction are ready for the start of the filming of the two new projects broadcast in 2019.


Almost certainly the TV movies will be two and will be broadcast during the same period of this year, or between February and March, always on Rai 1.

The titles of the new cycle of Commissioner Montalbano 2019 can already be previewed.

The first episode is titled "The other end of the thread" and is based on a complete novel by Andrea Camilleri.

The second one is inspired by a series of stories of which Carlo Degli Esposti, head of the Palomar production company.

He had bought the rights 20 years ago when the first TV-movie Montalbano was broadcast on Rai 1. This second TV movie has for now a temporary title: "A story of '43".


Shooting will start immediately after Easter and will last as usual for three months.

Messina Strait seen from Messina towards the Italian Mainland Panorama 1/320sec at f/8 ISO 100 EF-S 15-85 f3.5-5.6 IS USM at 28mm The Strait of Messina (Stretto di Messina in Italian, Strittu di Missina in Sicilian) is the narrow passage between the eastern tip of Sicily and the southern tip of Calabria in the south of Italy. It connects the Tyrrhenian Sea with the Ionian Sea, within the central Mediterranean. At its narrowest point, it measures 3.1 km (1.9 mi) in width, though near the town of Messina the width is some 5.1 km (3.2 mi) and maximum depth is 250 m (830 ft). A ferry service connects Messina on Sicily with the mainland at Villa San Giovanni, which lies several kilometers north of the large city of Reggio Calabria; the ferries hold the cars (carriages) of the mainline train service between Palermo and Naples. There is also a hydrofoil service between Messina and Reggio Calabria. The strait is characterized by strong tidal currents, that established a unique marine ecosystem. A natural whirlpool in the Northern portion of the strait has been linked to the Greek legend of Scylla and Charybdis. In some circumstances, the mirage of Fata Morgana can be observed when looking at Sicily from Calabria (Wikipedia)

Of course, the places where you turn are always the same: Messina and Porto Empedocle where the imaginary city of Vigata is rebuilt, where Salvo Montalbano will act.


In this period, however, the writers are completing the writing of the two titles.

The possibility is assumed that there is only one TV movie; choice linked to the availability of Luca Zingaretti who would have a series of film and theater engagements.

The first TV movie, which we talked about earlier, is inspired by the novel "L'altra capo del filo" by Andrea Camilleri.

Novel published in Italy by Sellerio, historical publisher of the writer. The story told is very current.

Vigata is witnessed by the arrival of migrants and the whole population is involved in trying to offer their help.

One night while Montalbano is at the port to make a contribution and avoid another tragedy, he is recalled by another tragedy.

In the most famous atelier of Vigata, the owner Elena, a well known seamstress, was slaughtered by scissors.

The second TV movie "A story of '43" is a story that could even change its title ...

Castings are also under way to look for local actors and extras who will be part of the team of performers of the new episodes.

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