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Pisa chosen as location for three new movies

District: Tuscany
Province: Pisa (PI)
Locations: Pisa (PI)
Date: 2016-03-30

The city of Pisa is transformed into a film set for the filming of three new movies.

Big names have chosen Pisa as a location for their productions: the first film is "Nothing serious", directed by Laszlo Barbo. The cast is excellent: will run through the streets of the city the Oscar Award Maggie Smith and Claudia Cardinale, flanked by Claudia Gerini, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Rossy De Palma and Giampaolo Morelli. In the coming days the director will be in town for the preliminary inspections while the shoot is scheduled for June. As well as in Pisa, the film will be shot in Rome and Venice.

The second film will be "The first day of summer," by the director Emiliano Galigani. In April it will be filmed a commercial, while the actual filming, scheduled to last about six weeks, are scheduled for September-October and will take place only in Pisa. The cast confirmed Francesca Neri and Roberto Herlitzka. The third film will be shot in May. The director is Spanish, is called Jaime Garcia Ruiz. Among the cast there will be the Pisan actor Gianluca Magni.

The choice of hosting such productions is a promotional vehicle for the city and an excellent opportunity for the tourism sector. While at Palazzo Blu continues the exhibition "Tirrenia city of cinema. Pisorno-Cosmopolitan 1934-1969 "," Pisa is Movie "- the city administration service to promote Pisa as movie set and support the local cinema - are moving to bring to town quality productions with their cast and their crew.

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