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Presented the project of a Underwater Shooting Center in Taranto

È stato presentato sabato scorso a Taranto il progetto per un Centro di riprese cinematografiche subacquee

District: Apulia
Province: Taranto (TA)
Date: 2016-12-19

Presented the project of a Underwater Shooting Center in Taranto

It was presented last Saturday in Taranto the project for an Underwater Shooting Center.

Centro di riprese cinematografiche subacquee

It is a surprisingly ambitious and challenging idea.

The project on which you are working in fact involves the construction of a Center for Underwater Shooting of the film with attached sound stages on the mainland in Taranto.

It would be the first facility of its kind in Italy.

Even in Europe there is only one precedent in the island of Malta. Its characteristics and its age make it today unfortunately not very competitive in the international film scene.

In this context, the proposal made in Taranto. A proposal put forth by Gianni Liviano in the Regional Council of Puglia, and fully supported by Apulia Film Commission.

The meeting of 17 December has allowed to take stock of the status of the project.

After the definition of the project, he is now working at the completion of the feasibility study.

Already at this stage major European film studios were involved. Among them Pinewood Studios, located near London and famous among others for Agent 007 films and for those of Harry Potter and some Eastern European studies.

The Center would target the film productions of high segment. So, in addition to activities specifically related to the center, it is to be expected a potential induced impact very high . In particular in the field of quality tourist services.

In this framework the project represents a double challenge.

The first is to determine a lever for a conversion and diversification of the development of the city by placing it in a privileged framework of national and international film production boards.

The second is that it would represent a further step of the policy the Apulia Region has initiated in the field of cinema. The Apulia Region has invested heavily in recent years on the cinema through the creation of Apulia Film Commission. With obvious positive results.

Maurizio Sciarra, President of Apulia Film Commission, spoke at the presentation of the project, spoke of returns in terms of economic impact on the area caused by the film equal to at least 10 times the investments made.

Today Puglia is surely among the most vibrant regions in attracting film productions.

Surely the creation of Underwater Shooting Center will give a further boost to these already significant results.

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