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Raffaello – il principe delle arti: un film spettacolare


District: Latium
Province: Florence (FI)
Date: 2017-04-03

Raffaello – The Lord of the Arts: a spectacular movie


Raffaello – The Lord of the Arts  from today to april 5th in cinemas.

The film is a original production by Sky in collaboration with Vatican Museums and Magnitudo Film, distributed by Nexo Digital. The movie is been directed by Luca Viotto, qualified in 3D, just died.

It is the first cinematography transposition about Raffaello Sanzio, one of the most famous artist in the world.

Raffaello Sanzio


Raffaello Sanzio is certainly one of the most extraordinary and evocative figures in the art history. In him  existential charm and grandeur of the works are intertwined magically. He died at the age of 37, but he left an indelible mark in the history of art.

The life of Raphael is inextricably linked with the art since birth. His father, Giovanni Santi was in fact a painter and intellectual at the court of Federico da Montefeltro. He was probably his first trainer and inspirator.

Orphaned at the age of eleven perseveres on a street. Very young, at 17, it becomes fact magister. Then, in the space of two decades, from child prodigy he became prince of the arts.

Raphael is able to profit by the extraordinary human encounters of his life for his personal ascent. He learns from the masters and surpassed them, challenges them and wins them, observes them and enhances them. Enters into the good graces of the Popes, loves life and lives it without hesitation, with intensity and passion.



The film traces the stages of his existence, from the first steps in Urbino, through the Florentine period, up to the magnificent Roman section, the apex and culmination of his human and artistic journey. An intimate dialogue between life and works and refined historical reconstructions, real tableau vivant inspired by nineteenth century paintings, depicting Raphael in the most representative moments.

The life of the great artist intersects with moments of careful artistic digression entrusted to the intervention of prestigious art historians. From Antonio Paolucci, until 2016 Director of the Vatican Museums, to Antonio Natali and Vincenzo Farinella.

The artistic journey unfolds in 20 locations and analyzes more than 70 works, among the most famous and representative of Raphael.

All this by resorting to cinema technology 3D and most advanced 4K. This technology, along with the works dimensionalisation techniques, will allow a real immersion.

Among the goodies certainly the 3D reconstruction of the Sistine Chapel back wall as it appeared until 1519, before the great contribution of Michelangelo.


Flavio Parenti plays Raffaello. With him Enrico Lo Verso, who plays Giovanni Santi, Angela Curri – Fornarina and Marco Cocci – Pietro Bembo.


Urbino and his formation


The Rome of the Popes


Project by Cosetta Lagani. Screenplay: Laura Allievi. Photography: Massimiliano Gatti. Set Designer: Francesco Frigeri. Costume Designer: Maurizio Millenotti. Original songs: Matteo Curallo. Editing by Valentina Corti. Executive Producers: Federica Abaterusso, Roberto Andreucci, Francesco Invernizzi.



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