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Rupert Everett shoots in Naples the film about Oscar Wilde

Rupert Everett

District: Campania
Province: Naples (NA)
Date: 2016-10-26

Rupert Everett shoots in Naples the film about Oscar Wilde

Another international set for the city of Naples.

Rupert Everett

This time to shoot in Naples is the great actor Rupert Everett, engaged in the dual role of actor and director.

The occasion is been the filming of the movie "The happy prince".

The film is dedicated to the life of Oscar Wilde.

The historic episode

Shooting in Naples have a historical basis.

Rupert Everett - Oscar Wilde

In fact in 1897 the great writer actually lived in Naples with Lord Alfred Douglas. It was a stay that really caused a scandal at the time.

Wilde came to Naples with Lord Douglas back from two years of imprisonment inflicted for his homosexuality.

They arrived in Naples September 20, 1897 and after a few days settled on the Posillipo hill, in the Villa Giudice.

Wilde was traveling under an assumed name (Sebastian Melmoth), but the secret did not last long. The writer of the rest was known for relations he had had with the Neapolitan writers. On October 7 of this presence also wrote Matilde Serao in the newspaper Il Mattino.

Now Rupert Everett reconstructs that episode of the life of Oscar Wilde.

These days are being filming right in Posillipo area. Here the British actor and director had been sighted several times in recent months for inspections. And here it is set up a truly spectacular set.

The film

The film has an important international cast. Beginning with Colin Firth, Oscar Award for Best Actor.

Among others Colin Morgan, Emily Watson, Miranda Richardson and Tom Wilkinson.

Equally important is the production: Maze Pictures, Entre Chien et Loup, Palomar, Cine Plus Filmproduktion, Robert Fox Limited, BBC Films.

Rupert Everett is no stranger to filming in our country. As an actor he starred in several films shot in Italy. Among others "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "The Gold Rimmed Glasses" "The Comfort of Strangers"

But beyond its artistic and professional experience he is in love of our country and of Naples in particular. Shooting is therefore also a personal tribute to this city.




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