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Sea view: a story of refugees in the opposite direction

Vista mare

District: Emilia Romagna
Province: Milan (MI)
Date: 2017-02-06

Sea view: a story of refugees in the opposite direction

Vista mare

In cinemas since February 3, the film Sea view by Andrea Castoldi. The director is in his second work after It is written all over your face of 2012, a film that has been a good success despite the independent distribution.

Also this movie has an independent distribution and has been achieved with limited resources. But, to quote the words of the director, "" Making film low cost is like low budget stay in a hotel room with no amenities. No mini bar, paper sheets, shared bathroom in the hallway and fake flowers in a vase. But when you have a story to tell, forget the smallness of the place, because in the end what really matters is with whom you share your bed. "


Vista mare

Italy 2020. The region Apulia has now become a militarized frontier, a border line that can't be crossed, which is going to collapse because of millions of people that have invaded it in few months.

The italian state is now drifted: the popular uprisings and the events come after because of the economic crisis which is increasingly stifling.

A group of italian people has hiding for weeks in a old abandoned cottage, waiting for boarding on a rubber dinghy and reach the dreamed Albania.


The film is set mostly in the Foresta Umbra, Apulia.

In fact we are on Monte Penice and on the hills of Piacenza. Especially the cottage, where it is shot an important part in the film, is in Mezzano Scotti, a hamlet of Bobbio (PC).

The other film locations are Torino (the prison) and Milan.


Vista mare
Andrea Castoldi

Arturo Di Tullio, Pietro Sarubbi, Lorenza Pisano, Toni Pandolfo, Alberto Agnoletto, Rebecca Amodeo


A production CF-Film in collaboration with Film Commission Lombardia and Milk Editoria – Agenzia Media

Photograph by Filippo Arlotta. Assistant Director Giovanni Bronco Ferrara. Sound by Michele Conti. Responsible of production Alice Viglioglia and Valentina Tomasetto. Editing by Fabio Terranella. Assistant Production Alessio De Angelis. Costume disegner Silvia Intelisano. Casting director Christian Bani. Location manager Filippo Geri. Sound designer Andrea Forestieri.



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