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Socially dangerous: the story of a friendship between a journalist and a boss

Socialmente pericolosi

District: Campania
Province: Naples (NA)
Date: 2017-01-24

Socially dangerous: the story of the friendship between a journalist and a boss

Socialmente pericolosi

Tonight, premiering in Casoria (NA), screening of the film Socially dangerous by Fabio Venditti.

The film interweaves two true stories. That of friendship that binds a TV journalist (Fabio) to a racketeer (Mario), sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. That of a project the journalist takes to help children of the Spanish Quarter of Naples, from which comes the same lifer.

The journalist meets the boss in a high security department of the Sulmona prison, the "prison of suicides". Between the two it builds a relationship of confidence and then of friendship.

This story pushes the journalist to understand what's behind those lives marked by violence. He wants to understand that environment in which the choice of a violent life seems a natural and inevitable outlet.

Did the project aimed at young people of Spanish Quarter. The project is documented by two documentaries, The companions of Gilda and the Spanish Quarter, Italy, aired on TG2 in 2013. The boss helps the journalist in this activity.

But a serious incident happens. A terminal illness is diagnosed to Boss. The journalist, after many vicissitudes, thinking that his friend could not get adequate care in prison, decides to host him under house arrest in his home. Even at the cost of challenging the family's resistance, of his wife and of daughter fifteen.


Socialmente pericolosi

Fabio, the journalist, is played by Vinicio Marchioni, who became famous for his participation in the role of the Cold in the television series Crime Novel.

The boss Mario has been interpreted, not without some initial resistance, by Fortunato Cerlino, the Pietro Savastano of Gomorrah series.

Also co-starring Michela Cescon, Blu Yoshimi Cartel, Eleonora Peace Sign, Massimo Wertmuller, Alberto Gimignani, Massimiliano Buzzanca, Emidio Lavella.

Socialmente pericolosi


Subject by Fabio Venditti, Maria Teresa Venditti, Valentina Gaddi and Alessandra Di Pietro. The screenplay of the same authors along with the inmates of Rebibbia Imprisonment House directed by Antonio Turco.

The music is by Gian Luca Nigro. Film produced by Michelangelo, A Still Life, Rai Cinema, Barbary Films will be released by Running TV.


Socialmente pericolosi

Rome and Naples, in particular the Spanish Quarter.

Some scenes are set in the Rebibbia prison.



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