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It happens, soon to the cinema


District: Lombardy
Province: Milan (MI)
Locations: Milan (MI)
Date: 2017-11-27

It happens, soon to the cinema

It happens, on October 16th the filming of this film had begun in Milan, and now instead, it is expected to be released at the cinema on April 5th 2018.


Francesca Mazzoleni, is the director of the film.



Soundtrack of the film

Here is the complete tracklist:

The Vaccines I Can not Quit
Nitro Story of a deceased artist
Lorenzo Tomio Tram and Stories
Part time friends Hear That Sound
Lorenzo Tomio Towards the local
Birthh Chlorine
Lorenzo Tomio The Refuge
Birthh For the Heartless
The Chainsmokers Roses
Lorenzo Tomio It's only ten
Awolnation I Am
Lorenzo Tomio The rain
The Strokes Chances
Neimy I've Learned (Acoustic Version)
Lorenzo Tomio Planetarium
Kasabian Eez-Eh
Trisomie 21 The Last Song
Lorenzo Tomio Rabbit
Lorenzo Tomio It happens
Neimy I've Learned
J-Ax & Fedez feat. Alessandra Amoroso Little things [Bonus Track from the official trailer]


It happens focused on the life of a young of Milano, timid and insecure, who with difficulty manages to integrate into the environments she attends.

His story speaks of first times and how adolescence and relationships have been transformed with the advent of social media.

He speaks and focuses attention on a constantly changing contemporary society.

The background of his life is Milan, a city that gives her adventures and constantly puts her to the test.

Together with her, there are Samuele, the nicest boy in the school; Olimpia, her best friend; and Tom, a guy who always follows her, both on social media and in life.




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