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The book “Heart” 130 years ago: the films that inspired


District: Piedmont
Province: Turin (TO)
Date: 2016-10-18

The book “Heart” 130 years ago: the films that inspired

Heart, the children's novel written by Edmondo De Amicis accomplishes 130 years.


The novel was published for the first time on October 18, 1886 by the Milanese publisher Treves.

The novel is structured in the form of a diary of Enrico Bottini, a pupil of a elementary school of Turin.

The diary refers to his experience during the third grade in school year 1881-82.

The story is interspersed with some "monthly stories" of the primary school teacher: varied and compelling stories, always interpreted by children.

The book was a great success. For its characteristics, but also for the particular period in which it was published. In fact, thanks to the characters coming from various parts of Italy, the novel seemed functional to the process of unification of the country.

De Amicis became the italian writer most widely read. Even today the book Heart is, after Pinocchio, the most widely read book for Italian guys ever.

The book Heart has had numerous film adaptations, silent and sound, since 1911.

The first film dedicated to an episode of the book of De Amicis is The Sardinian Drummer (1911) directed by Umberto Paradisi.

The Sardinian drummer is, along with From the Apennines to the Andes the story that has had more film adaptations. But to a lesser extent, the directors have also grappled with other stories.

A significant concentration of production there was between 1915 and 1916: The small lookout Lombard (1915) by Vittorio Rossi Pianelli-; The little Florentine scribe (1915), The Little Patriot Padua (1915), The nurse Tata (1916) and Blood Romagna (1916) by Leopoldo Carlucci; Civil Valor (1916), Shipwreck (1916) by Umberto Paradisi.

Many of these films are waiting to be restored; some were lost.

A brief review of films

The Sardinian Drummer (1915)

Director: Vittorio Rossi Pianelli

Actors: Vittorio Petrugnano, Telemaco Ruggeri

Restored in 2011 by the Italian Film Library Foundation

Link qui

From the Apennines to the Andes (1916)

Director: Umberto Paradisi

Performers: Ermanno Roveri, Antonio Monti, Fernanda Roveri

Link qui 

From the Apennines to the Andes (1943)

Director: Flavio Calzavara

Performers: Cesare Barbetti (Marco), Leda Gloria, Nino Pavese


Heart (1948)

Directed by Duilio Coletti.

Among the actors Vittorio De Sica (the master Edmondo Perboni) and Maria Mercader, the schoolteacher Serra.

For his performance De Sica won the Nastro d'Argento.

The Sardinian drummer - Episode of the film Other times - Zibaldone # 1 (1952)

Director: Alessandro Blasetti

Performers: Enzo Cerusico (drummer)

From the Apennines to the Andes (1959)

Director: Folco Quilici

Performers: Marco Paoletti (Marco), Fausto Tozzi (the father), Eleonora Rossi Drago (Laura, the mother)


Heart (1973)

Directed by Romano Scavolini

Actors: Renato Cestiè, Maria Cumaeans Quasimodo, Guerrino Casamonica.

Shoots three famous tales ( "Romagnolo Blood", "The small Lombard lookout", "The nurse Tata") of the Heart novel, however, transposed in the twentieth century.


Marco (Haha wo tazunete sanzenri) (1976)

Performers: Yoshiko Matsuo, Kazuyuki Sogabe, Yukiko Nikaido


Heart (Ai no gakko Heart monogatari) (1981)

It's an anime series consists of 26 episodes produced by Nippon Animation and based on the novel Heart.

Heart (1984)

Directed by Luigi Comencini.

Performers: Johnny Dorelli (Perboni master) and Giuliana De Sio (the schoolteacher of the red pen)

A demanding production: Six and a half billion lire and three years of work. Produced by RAI 2 with Difilm, the French Antenne 2 and the Swiss RTSI.

The world premiere of the film out of competition at the International Exhibition of the Venice Film Festival in 1984. But this is an abridged version of less than two hours. Full version for television, however, lasts six hours.


From the Apennines to the Andes (1990)

Director: Pino Passalacqua

Performers: Umberto Caglini, Giuliano Gemma, María del Carmen San Martín, Constanze Engelbrecht

The television miniseries, broadcast in three episodes from Canale 5 as of October 3, 1990 is inspired on the story from the book Heart, of which it is a free modern interpretation.

Heart (2001)

Heart is a minifiction in six episodes directed by Maurizio Zaccaro, with Giulio Scarpati, Anna Valle and Leo Gullotta, loosely based on the novel by Edmondo De Amicis.

Canale 5 - Promo "Cuore" - 11 Novembre 2001 di TVItalia57


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