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The Future of Cinecittà is upon us with new projects

Futuro di Cinecittà

District: Latium
Province: Rome (RM)
Locations: Rome (RM)
Date: 2018-01-31

The Future of Cinecittà is upon us with new projects

Future of Cinecittà, Cinecittà presents its future and prepares to pay homage to Fellini.

Many journalists these days in the Cinecittà studios.

They were not the filming of a film, but the guided tour of the past of this prestigious place.


From private to public ... A future of great hopes

Cinecittà, with still the scenographic vestiges of more or less recent films filmed here, has the hope of a strong revival towards the future.

Leading the group, the Minister Dario Franceschini, who greeted a new momentum of Cinecittà Studios, a few months back in public hands (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage).

Future of Cinecittà ... great international productions

It was president Roberto Ciccutto who recalled the shooting of the awaited television series from Il nome della rosa.

The set is however still armored, aniticipating the arrival of new productions of major players such as Netflix and Paramount.

There is the hope of re-embracing Paolo Sorrentino with The New Pope, after hosting him for The Young Pope.

Further details will be known "from here to a month", but the international tax credit, which arrived with the 30% Francerschini cinema law, is bearing fruit.

So much so that the 25 million euro planned are practically already sold out in January.

It is only one of the various instruments that aim to make Cinecittà, and our country, increasingly attractive for large international productions.

Future of Cinecittà ... Works in sight


Among the expansions planned, the construction of two new stages of installation, larger than the Theater 5 dear to Fellini, in addition to the reconstruction of the Theater 7.

Theater 7 was destroyed during the bombings of the Second World War.

Will be dedicated to new technologies, with transparent pools suitable for underwater shooting.

Expected, the opening of a new National Museum of cinema by the end of the year.

This, with the aim of showcasing the enormous historical heritage of the Cinecittà warehouses.

It will also be used for a training school, in agreement with the CSC - National Film School.

It will serve to train the workers of the cinema in order to maintain those craft skills that have given us prestige in the world.

The director general of the cinema department, Nicola Borrelli, recalled the effort made over the years to maintain the integrity of this space.

The government and parliament are putting into practice a coherent strategy that involves the entire sector.

The resources and the rules are there, now everyone is faced with their responsibilities.

Franceschini, has once again recalled recent legislative innovations, announcing the names of the committee of authoritative experts who will evaluate the selective contributions.

Among these, we find: Paolo Mereghetti, Pupi Avati, Marina Cicogna, Enrico Magrelli and Daria Bignardi.

He then recalled the legal obligations for television channels that will have to broadcast, even in prime time, Italian cinema and fiction.

In this sense he recalled the involvement of RAI in future productions of studies on the Via Tuscolana.

Asserting that, in a world where the border between cinema and fiction is thinning.

It is especially important that a reality like Netflix arrives here.

100 years of Federico Fellini


Finally, the great work that will be done in the next two years for Federico Fellini's 100th anniversary celebration has been brought forward.

Fellini because without doubt is and will remain the most known and loved Italian director in the world.

Will be involved, with a work of recovery and restoration: the Bologna Film Library and the CSC, represented by their respective leaders Gianluca Farinelli and Felice Laudadio.

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