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  • The ghosts of Portopalo: story of a shipwreck hidden for years

The ghosts of Portopalo: story of a shipwreck hidden for years

I fantasmi di Portopalo

District: Sicily
Province: Siracusa (SR)
Date: 2017-02-20

The ghosts of Portopalo: story of a shipwreck hidden for years

I fantasmi di portopalo

Tonight and tomorrow on RAI 1 TV miniseries The ghosts of Portopalo with Beppe Fiorello by Alessandro Angelini.

The tragedy of Portopalo

I fantasmi di Portopalo

Portopalo di Capo Passero (Puortupalu in Sicilian) is a small Italian town in the province of Siracusa in Sicily. It is 58 kilometers from Siracusa and is the most southern town of Sicily.

Its territory includes the island of Capo Passero a few tens of meters from the mainland and the island of Currents a few kilometers.

It is mainly an agricultural and fishing center and on these activities bases its economic fortunes.

The village is bathed by two seas: the Ionian and the rest of the Mediterranean.

But in this environment so beautiful and charming it is been consumed also a great tragedy.

I fantasmi di Portopalo

It was Christmas night of 1996. Here happens one of the largest shipwreck in the history of the Mediterranean since the end of World War II. In an attempt to land in our country, about three hundred illegal immigrants of Pakistani, Indian and Tamil origin, died for the sinking of a "sea tramp steamer".

The fact goes almost completely unnoticed. The survivors abandoned by the smugglers on the beach Peloponnese speak, tell, but no one gives credit to the things said by survivors.

No one has an interest in revealing the tragedy. The Portopalo fishermen fear that the area of sea to be closed to fishing leaving them without means. The entire community is silent, including the local church and the pastor.

But the silence is broken by Saro Lupo (Ferro in fiction), a fisherman, who will begin to speak. A journalist stubborn and determined to bring out the truth, begins to write about what happened. The investigation takes shape and becomes a book Ghosts of Portopalo: the author is the journalist and writer Giovanni Maria Bellu.

The film Ghosts of Portopalo

Giuseppe Fiorello has worked for years to this story. Consistent with a social commitment that has put in many of his productions: to tell real stories, stories of "unknown and famous men who have in common a gesture that has revolutionized the lives of many people."


I fantasmi di Portopalo

Directed by Alessandro Angelini

Cast: Giuseppe Fiorello, Giuseppe Battiston, Roberta Caronia, Bagya Lankapura, Angela Curri, Domenico Centamore

Produced by Picomedia in collaboration with Ibla Film and Rai Fiction

Script by Giuseppe Fiorello, Paolo Logli, Alessandro Pondi, Alessandro Angelini, Salvatore Basile

Music by Piernicola Di Muro



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