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The movies at the cinema: weekend November 11 to 13

District: Basilicata
Province: Turin (TO)
Date: 2016-11-11

The movies at the cinema: weekend November 11 to 13

A brief review of the films that have come out these days and that will be on the screens this weekend of November 11-13

Sweet dreams by Marco Bellocchio

It is the most anticipated movie of the week.

The film, directed by Marco Bellocchio, was inspired by the autobiographical novel by Massimo Gramellini.

Sweet dreams is a story about the search for truth and at the same time the fear of discovering it.

On the morning of December 31, 1969, Massimo, just nine years, found his father in the corridor held up by two men: his mother died.

Massimo grows up and becomes a journalist. After returning from the war in Bosnia, where he had been sent by his newspaper, he met Elisa.

The proximity of Elisa  will help Massimo to face the truth about her childhood and her past.

The protagonists are Valerio Mastandrea (Massimo) and Bérénice Bejo (Elisa).

Among the other performers: Guido Caprino, Barbara Ronchi, Dario Dal Pero, Nicola Cabras.

The film is set mainly in Turin.

The girl in the world by Marco Danieli

A love story that clashes with the reality of closing of the religious sects.

Giulia lives in an ancient and suspended world, made of rigor and sacred texts, which excludes fiercely those who do not belong to it. Libero lives in the world of all others, of those who make mistakes, who get by trying another chance and those who love unconditionally. When Julia met Libero, discovers that she can have another destiny, everything to choose. Theirs is a story of love pure and inevitable. The two boys began an intense period of life together, a choice that will lead to Giulia a total exclusion from the world of Jehovah's Witnesses to which it belongs. Libero will make to Giulia the biggest gift of love of all: the freedom to belong to the world, a new world, bright and full of future.

The protagonists are Sara Serraiocco (Julia) and Michele Riondino (Libero).

Also co-starring Giorgio Careccia, Pippo Delbono, Marco Leonardi.

The film is set between Rome, Genzano and Viterbo.

Che vuoi che sia by Edoardo Leo

What would you be willing to do to € 250,000? It is the question facing Anna and Claudio, when they decide whether or not to turn a video to be distributed on the net. An intense comedy about what we would be willing to do achieve our dreams.

Starring: Edoardo Leo (Claudio) and Anna Foglietta (Anna).

Among the other performers: Rocco Papaleo, Massimo Wetmuller, Marina Massironi, Bebo Storti.

The film is set in Milan.

Bob Wind legend by Dario Migianu Baldi

The film is inspired by the life of Roberto Cimetta, Italian theater director and avant-garde experimentation exponent, died in 1988 at just 39 years old.

Anna, an Italian-French journalist of success, dropped everything to get on the trail of a story that might shed light on his past.

Arrived in Italy, he began his research on Roberto Cimetta, crazy and creative man of the theater, who died very young in the 80s after having inspired a generation of artists.

It will be a thread to take her to the son of Robert to discover another piece of truth and make sense of her history.

Starring: Corrado Fortuna (Roberto Cimetta) and Lavinia Longhi (Anna).

Also co-starring Ivan Franek, Andrea Bruschi, Elisabetta De Vito, Paolo Briguglia, Carlo Vitale.

The film is set between Marche and Trentino (Folgaria, Rovereto, Trento, Valsugana).

The storytellers by Gian Paolo Cugno

Angelo, successful entrepreneur in Rome and wife Anna, a young lawyer on career, have to contend with the economic crisis. Angelo lost his job and ended up making a laborer employed by a former worker. Also it ends the relationship of the couple: Anna leaves Angelo. He decided to return to Sicily, after thirty years of absence, with his daughter Maria Teresa, who follows him in the adventure. A van and an old storyteller will change their lives.

Among the performers: David Coco (Angelo), Tiziana Lodato (Anna), Maria Teresa Esposito (Maria Teresa), Darina Pavlova, John Virgadavola.

Set in Rome and Sicily (Noto and other centers)

Suddenly Komir by Rocco Ricciardulli

The film by Rocco Ricciardulli deals with a very sensitive issue and unfortunately often forgotten by information: the issue of child trafficking.

Two micro-criminal found a child hidden in the trunk of their car. As a ray of light that opens in a hard and hopeless world, Komir leads us on a path of growth and human redemption. A journey by car that from Milan will come to Albania.

Among the performers: Rocco Ricciardulli, Giulio Baraldi, Gaia Amaral, Vincenzo Iorio Vito, Guido Laurjni, Christian Abbondanza.

The film is set between Milan and Basilicata.

Blood brothers by Peter Tamaro

The film by Peter Tamaro is inspired by a true story.

The story revolves around two characters.

Antonio, said the Chameleon, just released from prison after 10 years and the Police Commissioner Teresa Lupi, totally absorbed from work at the expense of building deep personal relationships.

They are very different, but their stories intersect because, for various reasons, have a common goal: the fight against Don Ferdinand, a ruthless boss.

But in this struggle they will change themselves, the one giving up the revenge and the other recovering the desire and ability to live a full and authentic life.

Performers: Karim Capuano, Francesco Rizzi, Carlotta Morelli, Maurizio Mattioli, Piermaria Cecchini.

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