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The Name of the Rose, between Cinecittà and Perugia

Il Nome della Rosa

District: Latium
Province: Perugia (PG)
Locations: Bevagna (PG)
Date: 2018-01-19

The Name of the Rose, between Cinecittà and Perugia

The Name of the Rose, the filming of the TV series began, inspired by the famous best seller of Umberto Eco.

In the cast, important names such as John Turturro and Rupert Everett.

The name of the rose ... resumed

In fact, they started in Italy for a few days mainly in Cinecittà film studios. From the novel by Umberto Eco, who died in January 2016.

International cast

The international cast boasts a number of distinguished names with John Turturro and Rupert Everett. Chosen for the key roles, respectively, of William of Baskerville, the 14th century Franciscan monk who investigates a series of gruesome murders, and his antagonist, the Inquisitor Bernard Gui. Also confirmed the actors Sebastian Koch, protagonist of the film Le Vite degli Altri, winner of the Oscar for best foreign film, as well as James Cosmo and Richard Sammel (Bastardi Senza Gloria). The emerging German actor Damien Hardung will play Adso, Gugliemo's apprentice. Among the protagonists of Il Nome della Rosa also several well-known faces of Italian cinema such as: Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Greta Scarano, Stefano Fresi and Piotr Adamczyk.

A Tv series

The series, consisting of 8 episodes, will be set in Italy in 1327. The story follows William from Baskerville and his apprentice, Adso da Melk, intent on finding a serial killer in a Benedictine monastery in northern Italy.

Giacomo Battiato, chosen as director of the TV series, declared the difficulty of adapting one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century literature.

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