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Trinity is Still My Name celebrates 45 years

District: Abruzzo
Province: Isernia (IS)
Date: 2016-10-21

Trinity is Still My Name celebrates 45 years

On October 21th, 1971 came out in cinemas the movie Trinity is Still My Name.

The films of the spaghetti western genre is directed by Enzo Barboni - E.B. Clucher.

The couple starring Bud Spencer (Child) and Terence Hill (Trinity).

It is the sequel of the movie They Call Me Trinity came out on the screens in the previous year.

A new adventure for Trinity and Bambino

Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità

This time it seems that the two brothers should take their career of good bandits. Promise their dying father that they will never help others.

But there's no way. Exchanged for federal agents, they find themselves caught in the middle between the friars of a convent, smugglers and street actors.

In the end, including fistfights,  bellyfuls and hinted loves, as always prevails their positive disposition.

And also this time they do not earn anything except gratitude of those who they helped.

With fourteen and a half million viewers into cinemas, Trinity is Still My Name is after Last Tango in Paris and For a handful of dollars, the third most seen in the history of Italian cinema.

The film was the champion of absolute receipts in the 1971-72 season with 3.9 billion liras.

This amount, revalued for inflation, amounts to 29.3 million euro.

If we consider current average amounts of the cinema entrance tickets, for the same audience, the film today would collect between 110 and 120 million Euros.

The location: a West on the border between Lazio and Abruzzo.

The location of Trinity Is Still My Name, with its landscapes from the deep west, are largely concentrated between Lazio and Abruzzo.

On the outskirts of Rome: from the Cava della Magliana to Settecamini, where is "Villa Mussolini", a widely used location, particularly for western movies.

In the province of Rome: the plateau Camposecco and Field Stone near Camerata Nuova (RM), village of Simbruini and Mazzano Romano (RM) near the Waterfalls of Monte Gelato.

Abruzzo: the splendid plateau of Campo Imperatore on the threshold of the Gran Sasso of Italy.

Molise: the Volturno river running through Venafro campaigns.

The curiosity

In the poker game scene, in which Terence Hill shuffles the cards making incredible virtuosity, his hands were actually those of the famous magician Tony Binarelli, who "lent" his hands to other players. In an interview Binarelli revealed that to bring up the hands of Trinity and of Wild Cat Hendriks different, they even rigged his fingers (Source Wikipedia)

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