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  • Everything you want: an idle young man, an ancient poet and Trastevere

Everything you want: an idle young man, an ancient poet and Trastevere

District: Latium
Province: Rome (RM)
Date: 2017-05-11

Everything you want: an idle young man, an ancient poet and Trastevere

Tutto quello che vuoi

From today in cinemas Everything you want, the film by Francesco Bruni freely taken from the novel Poco più di niente by Cosimo Calamini.

The film tells the story of the relationship between Alessandro and Giorgio. Alessandro is an ignorant and turbulent twenty-two-year-old from Trastevere. Giorgio an eighty-five-year-old poet forgot. The two never met. As long as Alessandro accepts a job as a companion of that elegant gentleman in afternoon walks. With the passing of days from the mind a bit lost of the old poet and from his verses, progressively advances a memory of his remote past: the clues of a real treasure hunt. Following them, Alexander will venture together a Giorgio on a journey to discover that hidden wealth, and that concealed in his own heart.

Director Note

Tutto quello che vuoi

For some years now, my father is sick of Alzheimer. The outbreaks of the disease - before the latter became degenerate and became dramatically disabling - apart from casting me and my family in a foreseeable discomfort, they also had very surprising aspects: the tendency to confuse people with one another, say things even very sincere and unsuccessful, they created unpleasant moments, embarrassing and - why not? - even funny.

But the most interesting aspect was the progressive regression towards the past: in his mind took shapes the events and people forgotten, whose "presence" gave rise to unexpected and even disconcerting revelations. The central episode of this film - the flight following American soldiers and the "gift" that he received from them- is precisely one of these.

After an initial resistance to tackling the subject, I tried to imagine a story that had the focus on the episode, but moving it away from me, my father, and my family context. ............... .. The result is that "Everything you want" puts together, in a fairly indistinguishable way, personal life and fictional invention.


Tutto quello che vuoi

The protagonist is played by the great director Giuliano Montaldo. With him the debutant Andrea Carpenzano. Among others Arturo Bruni, Emanuele Propizio, Donatella Finocchiaro, Antonio Gerardi, Raffaella Lebboroni, Andrea Lehotska, Riccardo Vitiello, Carolina Pavone.

Technical cast

Tutto quello che vuoi

Subject and Screenplay: Francesco Bruni. Director of Photography: Arnaldo Catinari. Scenography: Roberto De Angelis. Costumes: Maria Cristina La Parola. Direct sound: Gianluca Costamagna. Music: Carlo Virzì. Editing: Cecilia Zanuso. Editing Assistant: Mirko Platania. Casting: Chiara Natalucci. General Organizer: Attilio Moro. Development and project: Anastasia Michelagnoli. Executive Production: Rita Rognoni for PUPKIN MOVIE. An IBC MOVIE Production with RAI CINEMA. Produced by Beppe Caschetto. Distributed by 01Distribution.


The film is set and shot in Rome and in particular in the Trastevere district. As the director says, "The imagination is also nourished by the fascination of my new neighborhood, Trastevere, the absorption of its characters and its rhythms." Among the scenes not shot in Rome the mountain excursion to the Lake Santo of Pievepelago, in the province of Modena.


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