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A Torino of set, how many movies filmed in Turin?

Una Torino da set

District: Piedmont
Province: Turin (TO)
Locations: Turin (TO)
Date: 2018-01-11

A Torino of set, how many movies filmed in Turin?

A set Turin, from Profondo Rosso to Il Divo: how many films filmed in Turin!

"Cinema vocation" ... an opportunity for the territory

In fact, this city has always been one of the film sets preferred by Italian and foreign directors.  In all these years, the Piedmontese capital has never lost its cinematographic vocation. There are many film productions that choose Turin to set a film.  Moreover, through the big screen you can promote the territory by advertising the most beautiful corners of this city.

Great Movies in Turin           

"War and peace"

The 1956 film "War and Peace", directed by King Vidor, is inspired by the masterpiece of the Russian writer Lev Tolstoy. Several scenes of the blockbuster were filmed in Turin, especially battles. The most important of all is that of the Beresina, fought in November 2012, a symbol of the failure of the Russian Campaign. Mario Soldati, director, writer and intellectual from Turin.           

"Violent Turin"

Another film is "Torino violenta", in 1977, directed by Carlo Ausino. In this film, Turin releases all its charm in a noir-police version. "Hannah and her sisters"  Also Woody Allen chose this city to shoot his "Hannah and her sisters" in 1986.  The protagonists Holly and David meet for the first time at the Metropolitan Opera in New York while Giacomo Puccini's Manon Lescaut is on stage. The scenes inside the theater, however, were filmed at the Teatro Regio in Turin. Allen chose this location precisely because here Puccini's work was performed for the first time on February 1, 1893.            

"At what point is the night"

Another film shot in the city of Savoy is "At what point is the night" by Nanni Loy, in 1994. A television miniseries broadcast on Rai2. Several shots were performed in the Falchera area.

"So they laughed"  

In 1998 the Piedmontese capital was again chosen as the background for the film "Così ridevano" by Gianni Amelio. The film is a faithful portrait of Turin's economic boom and strong immigration from the South.            

"After midnight"

Then it was the turn of "Dopo mezzanotte", a film by Davide Ferrario of 2004. The protagonist of the feature film is the Mole Antonelliana with an interweaving of complicated relationships of love that unite the characters inside and out with the symbol of the city.          

"The celebrity"  

Even Paolo Sorrentino has succumbed to the charm of Turin. It is here that the Neapolitan director has shot some scenes of his film "Il divo" in 2008. The film revolves around the enigmatic figure of GiulioAndreotti. Filming was done at Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana, at Palazzo Birago di Borgaro, at Palazzo dei Draghi. The other locations are via Carlo Alberto, the "Lorusso e Cutugno" District House, Palazzo Civico and the Rossini Bridge.         

"To win"  

Another film awarded in Italy and abroad is "Vincere" by Marco Bellocchio in 2009. The film was shot in different locations in Turin, including Via Palazzo di Città, Galleria San Federico, the former asylum of Collegno and the former "Poveri Vecchi".          

"Mirafiori Lunapark"  

One of the last films shot in Turin was "Mirafiori Lunapark". The 2014 Stefano Di Polito film is a poetic postcard of the closure of the Mirafiori Fiat plant.         

Latest works  

Lastly, the "Lazzaro felice" feature by Alice Rohrwacher is currently being processed. In recent weeks the director has toured the city focusing on filming between Galleria Umberto I, Porta Palazzo and the northern suburbs.


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