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The new movie by Stefano Usardi speaks agordino

passo giau

District: Emilia Romagna
Province: Belluno (BL)
Locations: Bologna (BO)
Date: 2016-07-05

After a copule days at Passo Giau the shots of Luigo, the last movie by Stefano Usardi, director from Lentiai, are ended. The troupe arrived at Caprile (BL) just before the shots' start in the place "Ai Tuffi" next to Caprile. The movie will speak agordino about the production too. Behind Luigo there is the FiFilm productions by Caterina Francavilla. It is an agordina film production that wants to promote the italian quality cinema and its territory's talents. The movie is set in Bologna and the shots were in the city streets for the whole June, inside the shops, in the airport, in the hospital and in the church. And it's in the city that will take place the end of the shots' party on July 9.

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