The Resistance in the movies

resistenza al cinema

District: Latium
Province: Rome (RM)
Date: 2016-04-25

The Resistance in the movies


“Rome open city” by Roberto Rossellini (1945)

“Two women” by Vittorio De Sica (1960)

“Everybody go home” by Luigi Comencini (1960)

“Johnny the partisan” by Guido Chiesa (2000)

“Paisan” by Roberto Rossellini (1946)

“And Agnes chose to die” by Giuliano Montaldo (1976)

“Un giorno da leoni” by Nanni Loy (1961)

“Achtung! Banditi!” by Carlo Lizzani (1951)

“We all loved each other so much” by Ettore Scola (1974)

“The night of the shooting stars” by fratelli Taviani (1982)


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