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April 25th, National First in Cuneo

Prima Nazionale a Cuneo

Organization: Banca Alpi Marittime
Protagonists: Banca Alpi Marittime
Web: http://www.cinelandia.it/le-nostre-sale/cinema-cuneo.html

Address: Cuneo
Date and Time: 25/04/2018 20:15
District: Piedmont
Province: Cuneo (CN)
Location: Cuneo (CN)

April 25th, National First in Cuneo

First National in Cuneo, on April 25th of the film "You hide me something" by Giuseppe Loconsole.

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The film starring: Giuseppe Battiston, Stella Egypt, Sarah Felberbaum, Rocio Munoz Morales, Rocco Papaleo, Olga Rossi and Alessandro Tiberi.

Film produced by Lime Film by Valentina Di Giuseppe and Massimiliano Leone.

The film was created thanks to the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte (FCTP), with the advice of FIP Film Investimenti Piemonte.

To follow, on the "external tax credit" and the financing of the "Bank of Maritime Alps" of Carrù, in the province of Cuneo.

"You hide something from me" will be screened starting Wednesday, April 25 at "Cinelandia Cuneo" Fiamma (via Bassignano 34).

On the day of national exit, thanks to the intervention of Bank of Alpi Marittime, two special screenings will be organized in Cuneo.

Special because they will see the presence of the protagonist protagonist Rocco Papaleo and the director Giuseppe Loconsole.

A free screening at 8.15pm reserved exclusively for Bam members (subject to availability).

Finally, a projection paid to the rest of the citizens (for info and reservations for the show of 21 see: http://www.cinelandia.it/le-nostre-sale/cinema-cuneo.html).

The film was created with the collaboration of Bank of Maritime Alps, which for the third time collaborated with Film Commission Torino Piemonte and FIP Film Investimenti Piemonte.

The first was for the film "There is 2 without you" and the second for "Before Monday".

Films shot in Turin and in the Langhe, but also in Mondovì and Carrù, areas where there are branches of the Bank.

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