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Everything is ready for the new Clooney film in Olbia

Clooney a Olbia

District: Sardegna
Province: Olbia-Tempio (OT)
Locations: Olbia (OT)
Date: 2018-04-11

Everything is ready for the new Clooney film in Olbia

Clooney in Olbia, another survey in fact, for the actor-director at the old airport of Venafiorita.


Another inspection for the last checks; Olbia officially becomes the "Comma 22" set.


Clooney in Olbia

The American star shows up in a white Mercedes Van.

Then with a black hood, he covers his face with a pair of sunglasses and at the end takes four steps between bushes and scrub, where someone has already placed iron posts, red flags and chemical toilets.

The time of the inspections and evaluations is over.

George Clooney is back on the runway of the Venafiorita airport because the time has come to cross the area and start the construction of the set.


In Olbia the "Comma 22" series

The Hollywood actor will shoot the series "Comma 22" in Olbia.

It will do so in the countryside between the city and the village of Loiri, in an airport inaugurated before the Second World War and abandoned in the early seventies.

This is because the actor and director is convinced that the old airport of Venafiorita is the ideal place to set a series that has as its protagonist a group of US aviators on a mission in Italy in the forties.

Filming will start in a month. Along with Clooney will be Hugh Laurie, better known as Doctor House, and Christopher Abbott.

Works and production

The producers of Paramount and Anonymous worked hard for weeks, tackling all the technical and logistical aspects.

Then he too came, George Clooney, who in the series will be both director and performer.

The star of the world cinema, who had made a visit to Venafiorita even a month ago, has scoured the airport by identifying those corners that are best suited to his project.

In the coming days, of course, the area will be totally cordoned off.

In the city will also come vintage vehicles to be used during filming, as jeeps and planes typical of the Second World War.

The details, however, still do not know each other; but it is here that the production, will build a sort of citadel of the cinema, with all the facilities that will host the shooting.

The date of the start of filming has not yet been announced. However, the deadline is scheduled for mid-July.

The great protagonist will be Olbia

The TV series "Comma 22" will be shot in large part in Olbia and not only in the Venafiorita airport.

Some scenes will in fact also be shot at the sea, since the novel from which the series is based is set in the island of Pianosa, off the coast of Tuscany.

The production has made several inspections and would have identified a beach south of Olbia.

It is not to be excluded, however, that some scenes are filmed outside Sardinia.

Most likely in Viterbo, where Clooney had been caught and photographed not even a month ago.

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