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THE SUSPENDED SON – At the cinema from November 23rd

Il figlio sospeso

District: Sicily
Province: Palermo (PA)
Locations: Bagheria (PA)
Date: 2017-11-23

THE SUSPENDED SON, at the cinema from November 23rd

His son was suspended, searching for the past to understand the present. 
A film directed by Egidio Termine addresses the theme of surrogate maternity.

With Paolo Briguglia, Gioia Spaziani, Aglaia Mora. Distributed in Italy by Mediterranea 
Production by Angelo Bassi from November 23rd.

"Suspended Son" has starred Lauro, who lost his father Anturio when he was just two years 
Mother Jacinta, struck by an eternal jealousy towards her husband, Lauro lacks all the 
photos and all the stories about him.

Growing up, the boy creates a picture of the parent modeled on his needs, so a figure not 
true but distorted by necessities.

An event dramatically disrupts the young man, who begins to believe that his father has 
had another relationship in his life, and that another son was born from this.

Lauro decides to embark on a journey to know the truth, but what he will find will mainly 
concern him.


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