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Private conversation in Francavilla al Mare

District: Abruzzo
Province: Chieti (CH)
Locations: Francavilla al Mare (CH)
Date: 2018-02-23

Private conversation in Francavilla al Mare

Private Conversation, a film set in Francavilla al Mare.

In fact, in the Adriatic city "Conversazione Privata" will be realized, a new short film by Antonio Genovese.

And the francavillese location chosen to shoot the short is the Palazzo Sirena auditorium.

Antonio Genovese is a director and producer from Abruzzi, formerly the author of Scala 6, and who chose to set his second opera in Francavilla al Mare.


Genovese himself provides some details about Private Conversation, who explains that the film tells the story of Jenny.

A young theater director and actress, who is about to debut with her first work, a very personal text on the end of a troubled love story.

The story develops entirely during the opera's premiere, with the theater being the main location of the story, immersed in a romantic and elegant atmosphere.

The short wants to exhort the spectators, through the story of Jenny, to face and overcome the obstacles that keep us tied to the past and prevent us from moving forward.

Regarding the filming, the film should be shot in a couple of months or so inside the Palazzo Sirena Auditorium.

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