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Z-survivor is the zombie movie all from Bari


District: Apulia
Province: Bari (BA)
Locations: Bari (BA)
Date: 2016-03-16

The invasion of zombies Z-survivor, a movie from Bari. Last year Bitonto and Bari were attacked by bloody frightening presences that threaten the lives of citizens forced to a strict fight for survival against a monstrous enemy, evil and ruthless: the zombies. Fortunately for the people of Bari, it is all the result of makeup and ingenuity to develop the feature film zombie Z-Survivor by director Rudy Fiore from Bitonto. It all began with a short film of 10 minutes, immediately went viral on the network, and a subsequent flash mob on "zombie" held in Bari last year. Two experiments from more than positive feedback that convinced Rudy Flower and her young staff to set out boldly in the shooting of a feature film. A totally self-financed work by Fiore and Fornarelli with the ambition to create a self-produced films and low budget that has, however, the possibility to make use of work force and local actors. Its strong point, in fact, is the harmony of kids, fans and experts, each in a specific category of the film industry, from the make-up shooting, through editing to set design: Tony Lupelli, aid directed; Saverio Damiani, official photographer and cameraman; Vincel Spina, cameraman; Piero Fornarelli, aka UFO, rapper of "Bari jungle brothers", to post production. The municipalities of Bari and Bitonto gave permission for the filming along the streets and in some specific location, such as the former site of an abandoned supermarket in Bari, in the San Paolo district, and the Bitonto castle; and school aesthetic "Sem" of Bari, in collaboration with the expert make-up Maria Acquafredda di Bitonto, who guaranteed the availability of the make-up artists for the shooting. February 9, marked the end of the shoot - a recruitment event held in Bari extras to complete this ambitious film project, born from a passion for horror movies and propensity to film his young inventor and self-taught filmmaker Rudy Fiore. Alongside him, Lorenzo Fornarelli, co-writer, with whom he founded the producer association "Seven South Films", which will release the film in theaters, probably next April.
(Photo © www.dabitonto.com)

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