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The Invisible Boy arrives and Trieste becomes fantasy

Ragazzo invisibile

District: Friuli Venezia Giulia
Province: Trieste (TS)
Locations: Trieste (TS)
Date: 2017-12-10

The Invisible Boy arrives and Trieste becomes fantasy

Invisible boy, on December 28th at the Cinema The Space, a preview of the sequel with the adventures of Michele Silenzi directed by Gabriele Salvatores by Elisa Grando.

The "superhero Triestine" Michele Silenzi, "The Invisible Boy" by Gabriele Salvatores, is about to return to the city together with the Oscar-winning director: the sequel "The Invisible Boy - Second Generation", in all theaters on January 4, 2018, will an important national preview in Trieste, only on invitation, on December 28th at 8.50 pm at the The Space cinema in the Torri d'Europa shopping center, and another on December 29th at 6 pm in Udine, at the Visionario cinema. Both previews will see the presence in the room not only of Gabriele Salvatores, but also of the producer Francesca Cima, of the protagonist Ludovico Girardello and the new co-star, the twenty year old French actress Galatea Bellugi, already a small star of auteur cinema 'Alps.

Filming of the sequel, again produced by Indigo Film with Rai Cinema in collaboration with the Fvg Film Commission, took place in Trieste in the summer of 2016, for a total of 11 weeks of filming (plus one out of town).

Ludovico Girardello, who in 2014 he was 13 years old, he passed from childhood to full adolescence, like his character: in addition to dealing with new and old villains, Michele will also have to overcome the trials of life of any teenagers.

Ksenia Rappoport and Valeria Golino are back in the cast, in the roles of Michele's natural and adoptive mother, while Galatea Bellugi plays Natasha, the twin sister of the superhero, also endowed with special powers.

The group is joined by a dozen local actors, such as the small Trieste actress Assil Kandil (Candela), and Alessandro Mizzi, who also appears in the film's trailer, in the role of Michele's psychologist.

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