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New clapperboard for Inspector Coliandro 7

Ispettore Coliandro 7

District: Emilia Romagna
Province: Bologna (BO)
Locations: Bologna (BO)
Date: 2018-04-18

New clapperboard for Inspector Coliandro 7

Inspector Coliandro 7, shooting started for this series that returns!

The beloved Rai 2 fiction starring Giampaolo Morelli is officially being worked on the streets of Bologna.


Inspector Coliandro 7

Giampaolo Morelli is the real and unique Inspector Coliandro is back on the set of fiction for the seventh season and, full of joy, has confirmed to the fans the start of the shoot.


In fact, the first draft of L'Inspector Coliandro 7 should have been made a few weeks ago.

Many had announced that the shooting would start on March 26th. It is probable, however, that the actual cast was not in the city yet.

Inspector Coliandro 7 set ... around Bologna

In the coming days, Giampaolo Morelli will shoot the new cult scenes of the Manetti Bros series, touring the city of Bologna.


Coliandro will pass from the first floor of the bus station, to the porticoes, from the unknown streets of the city, to the streets of the city running after the various criminals.

Just in Autostazione, however, as already announced, the police station was set up where the inspector works.

Near the train station, between the avenues and Via Indipendenza, the fans of Coliandro can, therefore, see a large part of the cast and wait for Giampaolo Morelli hoping to meet him.

As for the other places chosen for filming, nothing has yet transpired.

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